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Title: Boosting photochemical activity by Ni doping of mesoporous CoO nanoparticle assemblies
Authors: Velegraki, Georgia 
Vamvasakis, Ioannis 
Papadas, Ioannis T. 
Tsatsos, Sotiris 
Pournara, Anastasia 
Manos, Manolis J. 
Choulis, Stelios A. 
Kennou, Stella 
Kopidakis, Georgios 
Armatas, Gerasimos S. 
Keywords: Chemical compositions;Environmental remediation;UV-vis optical absorption;Photochemical activity;High surface area mesoporous
Category: Chemical Sciences
Field: Natural Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2019
Source: Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, 2019, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 765-774
Journal: Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 
Abstract: The rational design of semiconductor nanostructures is of utmost importance for efficient solar energy conversion and environmental remediation. In this article, we report high-surface-area mesoporous networks consisting of Ni-implanted cubic CoO (Co 1-x Ni x O) nanoparticles as promising catalysts for the detoxification of aqueous Cr(vi) solutions. Mechanistic studies with X-ray photoelectron, UV-vis optical absorption, fluorescence and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and theoretical (DFT) calculations indicate that the performance enhancement of these catalysts arises from the high charge transfer kinetics and oxidation efficiency of surface-reaching holes. By tuning the chemical composition, the Co 1-x Ni x O mesoporous catalyst at 2 atomic% Ni content imparts outstanding photocatalytic Cr(vi) reduction and water oxidation activity, corresponding to an apparent quantum yield (QY) of 1.5% at λ = 375 nm irradiation light.
ISSN: 2052-1553
DOI: 10.1039/c8qi01324a
Rights: © 2019 the Partner Organisations.
Type: Article
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