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114-May-2021Plant Feed Additives as Natural Alternatives to the Use of Synthetic Antioxidant Vitamins in Livestock Animal Products Yield, Quality, and Oxidative Status: A ReviewTsiplakou, Eleni ; Pitino, Rosario ; Manuelian, Carmen L ; Simoni, Marica ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; De Marchi, Massimo ; Righi, Federico 
2May-2021Effects of supplementing rumen-protected methionine and lysine on milk performance and oxidative status of dairy ewesMavrommatis, Alexandros ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos ; Kariampa, Paraskevi ; Simoni, Marica ; Righi, Federico ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
35-Mar-2021Sesame Meal, Vitamin E and Selenium Influence Goats' Antioxidant StatusTsiplakou, Eleni ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Karaiskou, Chrysoula ; Simoni, Marica ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Righi, Federico ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Labrou, Nikolaos E 
4Feb-2021Influence of dietary sesame meal, vitamin E and selenium supplementation on milk production, composition, and fatty acid profile in dairy goatsMitsiopoulou, Christina ; Karaiskou, Christina ; Simoni, Marica ; Righi, Federico ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Tsiplakou, Eleni