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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-Jan-2019Altered Resting Functional Connectivity Is Related to Cognitive Outcome in Males With Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain InjuryKonstantinou ; Pettemeridou, Eva ; Stamatakis, Emmanuel A. ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Constantinidou, Fofi 
23-Jun-2019Neuronavigated theta burst stimulation for chronic aphasia: two exploratory case studiesGeorgiou, Anastasios M. ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Phinikettos, Ioannis ; Kambanaros, Maria 
3Dec-2018Processing emotional faces under different perceptual load conditions and the effects of alexithymia and heart rate variabilityPanayiotou, Georgia ; Theodorou, Marios ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Vrana, Scott 
4Dec-2017Processing threatening and non-threatening distractors under load: the role of self-reported social anxiety and heart rate variabilityTheodorou, Marios ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Panayiotou, Georgia