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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2020Irrigation practices, water effectiveness and productivity measurementChatzimichael, Konstantinos ; Christopoulos, Dimitris ; Stefanou, Spiro ; Tzouvelekas, Vangelis 
215-Jul-2019Tax evasion, tax monitoring expenses and economic growth: an empirical analysis in OECD countriesChatzimichael, Konstantinos ; Kalaitzidakis, Pantelis ; Tzouvelekas, Vangelis 
3Apr-2019Sub-lethal concentrations of neonicotinoid insecticides at the field level affect negatively honey yield: Evidence from a 6-year survey of Greek apiariesChambers, Robert G. ; Chatzimichael, Konstantinos ; Tzouvelekas, Vangelis M. 
4Jan-2019A parametric decomposition of hotel-sector productivity growthChatzimichael, Konstantinos ; Liasidou, Sotiroula 
51-Nov-2017Measuring the publishing productivity of economics departments in EuropeChatzimichael, Konstantinos ; Kalaitzidakis, Pantelis ; Tzouvelekas, Vangelis 
6Dec-2014Informational cascades and technology adoption: Evidence from Greek and German organic growersChatzimichael, Konstantinos ; Genius, Margarita ; Tzouvelekas, Vangelis M. 
7Jun-2014Human capital contributions to explain productivity differencesChatzimichael, Konstantinos ; Tzouvelekas, Vangelis M.