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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
128-Sep-2015Wear-aware adaptive routing for networks-on-chipsVitkovskiy, Arseniy ; Soteriou, Vassos ; Gratz, Paul V. 
21-Dec-2013Use it or lose it: Wear-out and lifetime in future chip multiprocessorsKim, Hyungjun ; Vitkovskiy, Arseniy ; Gratz, Paul V. ; Soteriou, Vassos 
32010A fine-grained link-level fault-tolerant mechanism for networks-on-chipVitkovskiy, Arseniy ; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos ; Soteriou, Vassos 
42012A combinatorial application of necklaces: modeling individual link failures in parallel network-on-chip interconnect linksVitkovskiy, Arseniy ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Soteriou, Vassos 
514-Dec-2015Clotho: Proactive wearout deceleration in Chip-Multiprocessor interconnectsVitkovskiy, Arseniy ; Soteriou, Vassos ; Gratz, Paul V.