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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004Algorithms for computing the qr decomposition of a set of matrices with common columnsYanev, Petko I. ; Foschi, Paolo ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
22012The Annals of Computational and Financial Econometrics, first issueZeileis, Achim ; Van Dijk, Herman K. ; Bauwens, Luc ; Belsley, David A. ; Koopman, Siem Jan ; Mcaleer, Michael ; Amendola, Alessandra ; Billio, Monica ; Croux, Christophe ; Chen, Cathy Woan Shu ; Davidson, Russell M. ; Duchesne, Pierre ; Foschi, Paolo ; Francq, Christian ; Fuertes, Ana Maria ; Koop, Gary M. ; Khalaf, Lynda ; Paolella, Marc S. ; Pollock, D. S G ; Ruiz, Esther ; Paap, Richard ; Proietti, Tommaso ; Winker, Peter ; Yu, Philip ; Zako├»an, Jean Michel ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
32003A comparative study of algorithms for solving seemingly unrelated regressions modelsBelsley, David A. ; Foschi, Paolo ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
42004A computationally efficient method for solving sur models with orthogonal regressorFoschi, Paolo ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
52001Computationally efficient methods for solving SURE modelsKontoghiorghes, Erricos John ; Foschi, Paolo 
62003Estimating seemingly unrelated regression models with vector autoregressive disturbancesFoschi, Paolo ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
72003Estimation of var models: computational aspectsFoschi, Paolo ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
82002Seemingly unrelated regression model with unequal size observations: computational aspectsFoschi, Paolo ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John