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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009What patrons want: supporting interaction for novice information seeking scholarsBuchanan, George R. ; Loizides, Fernando 
22011Visual analysis of document triage dataZhao, Geng ; Laramee, Robert S. ; Buchanan, George R. ; Loizides, Fernando 
32010Supporting early document navigation with semantic zoomingOwen, Tom H. ; Buchanan, George R. ; Eslambochilar, Parisa ; Loizides, Fernando 
42010Performing document triage on small screen devices: part 1: structured documentsBuchanan, George R. ; Loizides, Fernando 
52008The myth of find: user behaviour and attitudes towards the basic search featureBuchanan, George R. ; Loizides, Fernando 
62009An empirical study of user navigation during document triageBuchanan, George R. ; Loizides, Fernando