Nisantzi, Argyro
Νισαντζή, Αργυρώ
Education: Argyro Nisantzi has a PhD in Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Studies from Cyprus University of Technology. She graduated from the Department of Physics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and she finished her Master degree in Environmental Physics and Meteorology of the NKUA with distinction. Professional background: Dr. Argyro Nisantzi had worked as a research assistant in the Department of Environmental Physics and Meteorology of the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens (2006-2008). From 2009 up today she is research scientist at the ERATOSTHENES Research Centre and she has participated in many research projects on National and European level which have as main research field the atmospheric studies using remote sensing techniques (FP7-BACCHUS, HORIZON2020-GEO-CRADLE, RPF-AIRSPACE, WEBAIR-2, FP5-LIFE) as well the impact of air pollution on sites of cultural heritage (HORIZON 2020 ATHENA, JPI-CLIMA). The last year she has been involved in two international scientific experiments in the CY-CARE (Cyprus Cloud Aerosol and Rain Experiment), which is a global novelty in the study of the effect of dust particles on cloud formation and climate change, as well in the A-LIFE, aiming at exploring the properties of absorbent aerosols in the Eastern Mediterranean. Research: Dr. Argyro Nisantzi has participated in National and European research projects as mentioned above and her main research interests comprise the study of the atmosphere using laser techniques and passive remote sensing systems for characterizing aerosol optical properties in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and the Free Troposphere. Dr. Argyro Nisantzi has 14 publications at scientific journals (h=5) and more that 30 oral/poster presentations at international conferences.