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125-Dec-2009Structure, stability and bonding of ternary transition metal nitridesMatenoglou, G. M. ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. ; Lekka, Christina E. ; Abadias, Gregory ; Kosmidis, C. ; Evangelakis, Georgios Antomiou ; Patsalas, Panos A. Surface and Coatings Technology 
225-Nov-2010Electronic and crystal structure and bonding in Ti-based ternary solid solution nitrides and Ti–Cu–N nanocomposite filmsPatsalas, Panos ; Abadias, Gregory ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. Surface and Coatings Technology 
32008Conducting transition metal nitride thin films with tailored cell sizes: the case of δ-TixTa1−xNAbadias, Gregory ; Lekka, Christina E. ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. Applied Physics Letters