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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
1Jul-2020Technology-enhanced embodied learning: Designing and evaluating a new classroom experienceIoannou, Marianna ; Ioannou, Andri Educational Technology and Society 
22021Study of Full-body Virtual Embodiment Using noninvasive Brain Stimulation and ImagingŠkola, Filip ; Liarokapis, Fotis International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 
3Jan-2021Selecting effective colors for high-visibility safety apparelMina, Achilleas ; Lanitis, Andreas ; Dimitriou, Pavlos Alexandros ; Partaourides, Harris ; Pericleous, Pericles Safety Science 
4Apr-2021Guest Editorial: Learning Experience Design: Embodiment, Gesture, and Interactivity in XRIoannou, Andri ; Bhagat, Kaushal Kumar ; Johnson-Glenberg, Mina C. Educational Technology and Society 
52021Evaluating the Potential of Augmented Reality Interfaces for Exploring Underwater Historical SitesČejka, Jan ; Mangeruga, Marino ; Bruno, Fabio ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios ; Liarokapis, Fotis IEEE Access 
62020Citizen Science, K-12 science education and use of technology: A synthesis of empirical researchTsivitanidou, Olia ; Ioannou, Andri Journal of Science Communication