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1May-2020Wave exciting force maximization of truncated cylinders in a linear arrayMichailides, Constantine ; Loukogeorgaki, Eva ; Chatjigeorgiou, Ioannis K. Energies 
2Jul-2011Towards semi-autonomous operation of under-actuated underwater vehicles: sensor fusion, on-line identification and visual servo controlKarras, George C. ; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J. ; Loizou, Savvas Autonomous Robots 
3May-2011Switching manipulator control for motion on constrained surfacesPapageorgiou, Xanthi ; Tanner, Herbert G. ; Loizou, Savvas ; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J. Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 
4Mar-2004A snake model for object tracking in natural sequencesTsechpenakis, Gabriel ; Rapantzikos, Konstantinos ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. Signal Processing: Image Communication 
52004Probabilistic Boundary-Based Contour Tracking with Snakes in Natural Cluttered Video SequencesTsechpenakis, Gabriel ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. International Journal of Image and Graphics 
6Feb-2003Nonholonomic navigation and control of cooperating mobile manipulatorsTanner, Herbert G. ; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J. ; Loizou, Savvas IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation 
7Feb-2008Navigation of multiple kinematically constrained robotsKyriakopoulos, Kostas J. ; Loizou, Savvas IEEE Transactions on Robotics 
81-Sep-2013An iterative LiDAR DEM-aided algorithm for GNSS positioning in obstructed/rapidly undulating environmentsDanezis, Chris ; Gekas, Vassilis Advances in Space Research 
92004Intelligent initialization of resource allocating RBF networksWallace, Manolis ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. Neural Networks 
102010Human action annotation, modeling and analysis based on implicit user interactionNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Doulamis, Nikolaos D. Multimedia Tools and Applications 
112008First water vapor measurement over Athens, Greece, obtained by a combined Raman-elastic backscatter lidar systemPapayannis, Alexandros D. ; Tsaknakis, Georgios ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet Optica Pura y Aplicada 
12Feb-2006A feedback stabilization and collision avoidance scheme for multiple independent non-point agentsDimarogonas, Dimos V. ; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J. ; Loizou, Savvas Automatica 
13Jun-2001Facial Image Indexing in Multimedia DatabasesTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Avrithis, Yannis ; Kollias, Stefanos D. Pattern Analysis & Applications 
142-May-2021Experimental verification of self-adapting data-driven controllers in active distribution gridsKaragiannopoulos, Stavros ; Vasilakis, Athanasios ; Kotsampopoulos, Panos ; Hatziargyriou, Nikos ; Aristidou, Petros ; Hug, Gabriela Energies 
157-Dec-2020EARLINET observations of Saharan dust intrusions over the northern Mediterranean region (2014-2017): Properties and impact on radiative forcingSoupiona, Ourania ; Papayannis, Alexandros ; Kokkalis, Panagiotis ; Foskinis, Romanos ; Sánchez Hernández, Guadalupe ; Ortiz-Amezcua, Pablo ; Mylonaki, Maria ; Papanikolaou, Christina Anna ; Papagiannopoulos, Nikolaos ; Samaras, Stefanos ; Groß, Silke ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Alados-Arboledas, Lucas ; Amodeo, Aldo ; Psiloglou, Basil Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 
162008Density functions for navigation-function-based systemsLoizou, Savvas ; Jadbabaie, Ali IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 
17Jan-1998Compact 3D Model Generation based on 2D Views of Human Faces: Application to Face RecognitionKarpouzis, Kostas ; Votsis, George ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. Machine Graphics & Vision 
181-Jun-2006A committee machine scheme for feature map fusion under uncertainty: the face detection caseRapantzikos, Konstantinos ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 
192007Bottom-up spatiotemporal visual attention model for video analysisRapantzikos, Konstantinos ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Avrithis, Yannis ; Kollias, Stefanos D. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 
20Jan-2020An analysis tool for the installation of submarine cables in an s-lay configuration including "in and out of water" cable segmentsMamatsopoulos, Vasileios A. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Theotokoglou, Efstathios E. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering