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1Sep-2011Spatial variation of blood viscosity: Modelling using shear fields measured by a mu PIV based techniqueKaliviotis, Efstathios ; Dusting, Jonathan ; Balabani, Stavroula 
216-Jul-2009Proteomic analysis reveals presence of platelet microparticles in endothelial progenitor cell culturesProkopi, Marianna ; Pula, Giordano ; Mayr, Ursula ; Devue, Cécile ; Gallagher, Joy ; Xiao, Qingzhong ; Boulanger, Chantal M ; Westwood, Nigel ; Urbich, Carmen ; Willeit, Johann ; Steiner, Marianne ; Breuss, Johannes ; Xu, Qingbo ; Kiechl, Stefan ; Mayr, Manuel 
329-Jul-2008On the effect of microstructural changes of blood on energy dissipation in Couette flowKaliviotis, Efstathios ; Yianneskis, Michael 
4Nov-2007On the effect of dynamic flow conditions on blood microstructure investigated with optical shearing microscopy and rheometryKaliviotis, Efstathios ; Yianneskis, Michael 
526-Jul-2013Large scale simulation of red blood cell aggregation in shear flowsXu, Dong ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Munjiza, Ante ; Avital, Eldad ; Ji, Chunning ; Williams, John J.R. 
62020An integrative review on facilitators and barriers in delivering and managing injectable therapies in chronic conditions: A part of the ACNAP project ‘injectable medicines among patients with cardiovascular conditions’Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Kyriakou, Martha ; Lakatamitou, Ioanna ; Angus, Neil J. ; Khatib, Rani ; Vellone, Ercole ; Barrowcliff, Abigail ; Hansen, Tina Birgitte ; Lee, Geraldine A. 
7Apr-2014Hematocrit, viscosity and velocity distributions of aggregating and non-aggregating blood in a bifurcating microchannelSherwood, Joseph M. ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Dusting, Jonathan ; Balabani, Stavroula 
819-Dec-2008Fast response characteristics of red blood cell aggregationKaliviotis, Efstathios ; Yianneskis, Michael 
92010Erythrocyte aggregation at non-steady flow conditions: a comparison of characteristics measured with electrorheology and image analysisKaliviotis, Efstathios ; Ivanov, Ivan ; Antonova, Nadia ; Yianneskis, Michael 
102009An energy-rate based blood viscosity model incorporating aggregate network dynamicsKaliviotis, Efstathios ; Yianneskis, Michael 
11Sep-2012Effects of saliva on starch-thickened drinks with acidic and neutral pHHanson, Ben ; Cox, Ben ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Smith, Christina H. 
12Jun-2012The effect of red blood cell aggregation on velocity and cell-depleted layer characteristics of blood in a bifurcating microchannelSherwood, J.M. ; Dusting, J. ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Balabani, S. 
1322-Jul-2009Coupled human erythrocyte velocity field and aggregation measurements at physiological haematocrit levelsDusting, Jonathan ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Balabani, Stavroula ; Yianneskis, Michael 
142011Blood viscosity modelling: influence of aggregate network dynamics under transient conditionsKaliviotis, Efstathios ; Yianneskis, Michael