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12021Systems biology reveals key tissue-specific metabolic and transcriptional signatures involved in the response of Medicago truncatula plant genotypes to salt stressFilippou, Panagiota S. ; Zarza, Xavier ; Antoniou, Chrystalla ; Obata, Toshihiro ; Villarroel, Carlos A. ; Ganopoulos, Ioannis ; Harokopos, Vaggelis ; Gohari, Gholamreza ; Aidinis, Vassilis ; Madesis, Panagiotis ; Christou, Anastasis ; Fernie, Alisdair R. ; Tiburcio, Antonio F. ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 
21-Sep-2000Seasonal effects on puberty and reproductive characteristics of female Chios sheep and Damascus goats born in autumn or in FebruaryKoumas, Alkis ; Photiou, C. ; Papachristoforou, Christakis Small Ruminant Research 
3Mar-2013Monitoring and determination of irrigation demand in CyprusPapadavid, George ; Kountios, Georgios ; Michailidis, Anastasios Global NEST Journal 
4Dec-2000Genetic and phenotypic relationships between milk production and body weight in Chios sheep and Damascus goatsMavrogenis, Andreas ; Papachristoforou, Christakis Livestock Production Science