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12014«‘Writing Trauma:’ Giving Voice to a Wound that Seems to Defy Representation, in Contemporary Cypriot Art»Antoniou, Klitsa ; Danos, Antonis Intervalla: Platform for Intellectual Exchange 
21-Apr-2011Use of field spectroscopy for exploring the impact of atmospheric effects on landsat 5 TM/7 ETM+ satellite images intended for hydrological purposes in CyprusPapadavid, George ; Perdikou, Paraskevi N. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. GIScience and Remote Sensing 
3Jun-2020Towards fault adaptive routing in metasurface controller networksKouzapas, Dimitrios ; Skitsas, Constantinos ; Saeed, Taqwa ; Soteriou, Vassos ; Lestas, Marios ; Philippou, Anna ; Abadal, Sergi ; Liaskos, Christos ; Petrou, Loukas ; Georgiou, Julius ; Pitsillides, Andreas Journal of Systems Architecture 
4Jul-2014Shaping the composition profiles in heteroepitaxial quantum dots: Interplay of thermodynamic and kinetic effectsGeorgiou, Christodoulos ; Leontiou, Theodoros ; Kelires, Pantelis C. AIP Advances 
515-Dec-2017Plane-by-Plane femtosecond laser inscription method for single-peak Bragg gratings in multimode CYTOP polymer optical fibreTheodosiou, Antreas ; Lacraz, Amédéé ; Koutsides, Charalambos ; Komodromos, Michael Z. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Stassis, Andreas Journal of Lightwave Technology 
616-Jun-2009In vitro and in vivo brain ablation created by high-intensity focused ultrasound and monitored by MRIIoannides, Kleanthis ; Mylonas, Nicos ; Hadjisavvas, Venos ; Iosif, Demitris ; Damianou, Christakis A. ; Couppis, Andreas IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 
7Sep-2012Heart Ablation Sing a Planar Rectangular High Intensity Ultrasound Transducer and MRI GuidanceBirer, Alain ; Chapelon, Jean Yves ; Kyriacou, Panayiotis A. ; Damianou, Christakis A. ; Couppis, Andreas ; Lafon, Cyril ; Chavrier, Francoise Ultrasonics 
81-Sep-2014Applying hard and fuzzy K-modes clustering for dynamic Web recommendationsChristodoulou, Panayiotis ; Lestas, Marios ; Andreou, Andreas S. Engineering Intelligent Systems