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11-Aug-2020Stomatal behavior following mid- or long-term exposure to high relative air humidity: A reviewFanourakis, Dimitrios ; Aliniaeifard, Sasan ; Sellin, Arne ; Giday, Habtamu ; Körner, Oliver ; Rezaei Nejad, Abdolhossein ; Delis, Costas ; Bouranis, Dimitris ; Koubouris, Georgios ; Kambourakis, Emmanouil ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Tsaniklidis, Georgios Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 
2Apr-2021Elaboration of novel and comprehensive protocols toward determination of textural properties and other sensorial attributes of canning peach fruitChristofi, Marina ; Mourtzinos, Ioannis ; Lazaridou, Athina ; Drogoudi, Pavlina D. ; Tsitlakidou, Petroula ; Biliaderis, Costas G. ; Manganaris, George A. Journal of Texture Studies 
31-May-2016The appraisal of qualitative parameters and antioxidant contents during postharvest peach fruit ripening underlines the genotype significanceDrogoudi, Pavlina D. ; Pantelidis, Georgios ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Manganaris, George A. ; Ziogas, Vasileios ; Manganaris, Athanasios G. Postharvest Biology and Technology 
46-Feb-2018Antioxidant Phytochemicals in Fresh Produce: Exploitation of Genotype Variation and Advancements in Analytical ProtocolsManganaris, George A. ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Mellidou, Ifigeneia ; Drogoudi, Pavlina D. Frontiers in Chemistry