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11-Jan-2020Variants in ADIPOQ gene are linked to adiponectin levels and lung function in young males independent of obesityChristodoulou, Andria ; Ierodiakonou, Despo ; Awofala, Awoyemi Abayomi ; Petrou, Michael ; Kales, Stefanos N. ; Christiani, David C. ; Mantzoros, Christos S. ; Christophi, Costas A. PLoS ONE 
2Jun-2019Umbrella reviews: what they are and why we need themPapatheodorou, Stefania European Journal of Epidemiology 
320-Apr-2020Spatio-temporal variability of desert dust storms in Eastern Mediterranean (Crete, Cyprus, Israel) between 2006 and 2017 using a uniform methodologyAchilleos, Souzana ; Mouzourides, Petros ; Kalivitis, Nikos ; Katra, Itzhak ; Kloog, Itai ; Kouis, Panayiotis ; Middleton, Nicos ; Mihalopoulos, Nikos ; Neophytou, Marina K A ; Panayiotou, Andrie G. ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; Savvides, Chrysanthos ; Tymvios, Filippos S. ; Vasiliadou, Emily ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Koutrakis, Petros Science of the Total Environment 
4Apr-2019Risk factors for gestational diabetes: An umbrella review of meta-analyses of observational studiesGiannakou, Konstantinos ; Evangelou, Evangelos ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Middleton, Nicos ; Papatheodorou, Evgenia ; Papatheodorou, Stefania PLoS ONE 
51-Mar-2019The Relation of Emergency Duties to Cardiac Death Among US FirefightersSmith, Denise Louise ; Haller, Jeannie M. ; Korre, Maria ; Sampani, Konstantina ; Porto, Luiz Guilherme Grossi ; Fehling, Patricia C. ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Kales, Stefanos N. The American Journal of Cardiology 
67-Oct-2017Recruit fitness as a predictor of police academy graduationShusko, M. ; Benedetti, L. ; Korre, Maria ; Eshleman, Emily J. ; Farioli, Andrea ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Kales, Stefanos N. Occupational Medicine 
731-Dec-2019Recruit fitness and police academy performance: a prospective validation studyKorre, Maria ; Loh, K. ; Eshleman, Emily J. ; Lessa, Fábio S. ; Porto, Luiz Guilherme Grossi ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Kales, Stefanos N. Occupational Medicine 
8Oct-2017Rationale and design of feeding America's bravest: Mediterranean diet-based intervention to change firefighters' eating habits and improve cardiovascular risk profilesSotos-Prieto, Mercedes ; Cash, Sean B. ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Folta, Sara C. ; Moffatt, Steven M. ; Muegge, Carolyn M. ; Korre, Maria ; Mozaffarian, Dariush ; Kales, Stefanos N. Contemporary Clinical Trials 
91-Mar-2017Prevalence of primary ciliary dyskinesia in consecutive referrals of suspect cases and the transmission electron microscopy detection rate: A systematic review and meta-analysisKouis, Panayiotis ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Middleton, Nicos ; Evans, John S. ; Kyriacou, Kyriacos C. ; Papatheodorou, Stefania Pediatric Research 
10Dec-2018Preliminary Results for 6 Month-Change in a Mediterranean Diet Score in American Working PopulationRomanidou, M. ; Eshleman, Emily J. ; Sotos-Prieto, Mercedes ; Korre, Maria ; Tripsianis, Grigorios ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Kales, Stefanos N. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism 
11Feb-2019Postnatal depressive symptoms in women with and without antenatal depressive symptoms: results from a prospective cohort studyPampaka, Despina ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; AlSeaidan, Mohammad ; Al Wotayan, Rihab ; Wright, Rosalind J. ; Buring, Julie E ; Dockery, Douglas W. ; Christophi, Costas A. Archives of Women's Mental Health 
121-Sep-2018Pathoanatomic Findings Associated With Duty-Related Cardiac Death in US Firefighters: A Case-Control StudySmith, Denise Louise ; Haller, Jeannie M. ; Korre, Maria ; Fehling, Patricia C. ; Sampani, Konstantina ; Grossi Porto, Luiz Guilherme ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Kales, Stefanos N. Journal of the American Heart Association 
13May-2021The Mediterranean lifestyle (MEDLIFE) index and metabolic syndrome in a non-Mediterranean working populationHershey, Maria S. ; Sotos-Prieto, Mercedes ; Ruiz-Canela, Miguel ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Moffatt, Steven M. ; Martínez-González, Miguel Ángel ; Kales, Stefanos N. Clinical Nutrition 
14Dec-2021The MEDEA childhood asthma study design for mitigation of desert dust health effects: implementation of novel methods for assessment of air pollution exposure and lessons learnedKouis, Panayiotis ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; Kakkoura, Maria G. ; Middleton, Nicos ; Galanakis, Emmanuel ; Michaelidi, Eleni ; Achilleos, Souzana ; Mihalopoulos, Nikolaos ; Neophytou, Marina ; Stamatelatos, Gerasimos ; Kaniklides, Christos ; Revvas, Efstathios ; Tymvios, Filippos ; Savvides, Chrysanthos ; Koutrakis, Petros ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. BMC Pediatrics 
1511-Jun-2015Incidence of Sudden Cardiac Death in a Young Active PopulationFarioli, Andrea ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Quarta, Candida Cristina ; Kales, Stefanos N. Journal of the American Heart Association 
161-Apr-2018Global Association of Air Pollution and Cardiorespiratory Diseases: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Investigation of Modifier VariablesRequia, Weeberb J. ; Adams, Matthew D. ; Arain, Altaf ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; Koutrakis, Petros ; Mahmoud, Moataz American journal of public health 
17Dec-2020The Effects of a Mediterranean Diet Intervention on Targeted Plasma Metabolic Biomarkers among US Firefighters: A Pilot Cluster-Randomized TrialSotos-Prieto, Mercedes ; Ruiz-Canela, Miguel ; Song, Yiqing ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Mofatt, Steven ; Rodriguez-Artalejo, Fernando ; Kales, Stefanos N. Nutrients 
18Sep-2018Depressive symptoms and comorbid problems in pregnancy - results from a population based studyPampaka, Despina ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; AlSeaidan, Mohammad ; Al Wotayan, Rihab ; Wright, Rosalind John ; Buring, Julie E ; Dockery, Douglas W. ; Christophi, Costas A. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 
191-Mar-2018Coupling external with internal exposure metrics of trihalomethanes in young females from Kuwait and CyprusGängler, Stephanie ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Bouhamra, Walid ; Dockery, Douglas W. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 
2013-Jun-2019Cost-effectiveness analysis of three algorithms for diagnosing primary ciliary dyskinesia: a simulation studyKouis, Panayiotis ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; Middleton, Nicos ; Giallouros, George ; Kyriacou, Kyriacos ; Cohen, Joshua T. ; Evans, John S. ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases