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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2019The Aphasia Communication Team (TACT): The Cypriot ExperienceCharalambpous, Marina ; Kambanaros, Maria 
23-Oct-2017Cardiac Ultrasonography over 4G-LTE Wireless NetworkAvgousti, Sotiris ; Masouras, Panicos 
20-Jul-2017Clinical trials and evaluation of Cardiac Ultrasonography over 4G Wireless Network using a Tele-operated RobotAvgousti, Sotiris ; Masouras, Panicos ; Panayides, Andreas S ; Pattichis, Constantinos S ; Christoforou, Eftychios G ; Vieyres, Pierre ; Novales, Cyril 
11-Nov-2019Confirmation biasPanayides, Angelos 
22-Sep-2019Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method for HPLC determination of phenolic compounds in carob syrupGoulas, Vlasios ; Kalogirou,  Christina 
2011A harmonised orthographic system for the Greek-Cypriot dialectPapadima, Aspasia ; Ayiomamitou, Ioli ; Kyriacou, Stelios 
22-Sep-2019Novel 1H NMR method for the determination of anthocyanins in fruit extractsGoulas, Vlasios ; Gerothanassis, Ioannis P. ; Manganaris, George A. 
14-Oct-2019Robotic Systems for general Surgery, Regulatory approvals and Market potentialAvgousti, Sotiris ; Masouras, Panicos ; Christoforou, Eftychios G ; Panayides, Andreas S ; Pattichis, Constantinos S