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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163D Ανασυγκρότηση της κίνησης των πλανητών του ηλιακού συστήματοςΚουτσού, Χρίστος 
20123Δ απεικόνιση εικόνων Dicom και εστιών πολλαπλής σκλήρυνσης σε εικόνες εγκεφάλου μαγνητικής τομογραφίαςΝικολάου, Φοίβια 
Sep-2018Advanced fibre optic sensors developed using femtosecond laser inscriptionTheodosiou, Antreas 
2016AtYourService CY : Create a REST APIΧριστοδούλου, Δημήτρης 
Jan-2018Bayesian inference techniques for Deep LearningPartaourides, Charalampos 
Dec-2015Designing a Device-Centric Authentication SystemPapadamou, Kostantinos 
Dec-2017Designing and evaluating intelligent context-aware recommender systems: methodologies and applicationsChristodoulou, Panayiotis 
2013Detection of fake accounts in social networks using resilient distributed datasetsΟρφανού, Σωτήρης 
May-2020Enabling workload scalability, strong consistency and elasticity with transactional database replicationGeorgiou, Michael A. 
2013A fault-tolerant routing algorithm for interconnected networks-on-chips based on distributed graph theoryΧαραλάμπους, Πέτρος 
Jun-2013HERMES: Architecting a highly efficient and highly-robust fault-tolerant routing mechanism for error-prone on-chip interconnection networksΙορδάνου, Κώστας 
2013An implementation of Sybilrankon Apache GiraphΚαρκούλιας, Νικόλας 
Jun-2020Latent Geometry of Human Proximity NetworksFlores, Marco Antonio Rodríguez 
Sep-2019Mathematical and Bayesian Inference Strategies for Optimal Unit Commitment in Modern Power SystemsNikolaidis, Pavlos 
2013METIS: a highly-robust fault-tolerant routing algorithm with a recursive-based path discovery scheme for 2d mesh network-on-chip-interconnected chip multi-processorsΧριστοδούλου, Χρίστος 
Jan-2017Multi-purpose robotic system of therapeutic ultrasound guided by magnetic resonance imagingYiannakou, Marinos 
Dec-2020Natural Language Processing with Deep Neural NetworksTolias, Kyriakos 
Dec-2020A passivity based, system reference frame approach for decentralized stability analysis and control design in future power gridsSpanias, Chrysovalantis 
Dec-2020Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems: Investigating possible viable solutions in the building sectorAresti, Lazaros 
May-2013Social Network “TEPAK”Aguado Velázquez, Daniel ; Algovia García, Angel ; Juarranz Patiño, María