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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The 'antinomian' travel counterculture of Gavdos. An alternative mode of travellingAndriotis, Konstantinos
2010Brits behaving badly: template analysis of newspaper contentAndriotis, Konstantinos
2011A comparative study of visitors to urban, coastal and rural areas. Evidence from the Island of CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos
2010Cruise visitors experience in a mediterranean port of callAgiomirgianakis, George; Andriotis, Konstantinos
2004European Union influence over tourism employmentAndriotis, Konstantinos
2011Genres of heritage authenticity. Denotations from a pilgrimage landscapeAndriotis, Konstantinos
2010Heterotopic erotic oases. The public nude beach experienceAndriotis, Konstantinos
2008Integrated resort development: The case of Cavo Sidero, CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos
2002Local authorities in Crete and the development of tourismAndriotis, Konstantinos
2008Measuring tourist satisfaction: A factor-cluster segmentation approachAgiomirgianakis, George; Mihiotis, Athanasios; Andriotis, Konstantinos
2009The morphology of a coastal Cretan municipalityAndriotis, Konstantinos
2003O εναλλακτικός τουρισμός και τα διαφοροποιητικά χαρακτηριστικά τουAndriotis, Konstantinos
2002Options in tourism development: Concious versus conventional tourismAndriotis, Konstantinos
2013POSTCARD MOBILITY: going beyond image and textMavric, Misela; Andriotis, Konstantinos
2003Problems faced by the Cretan tourism industry as perceived by the business peopleAndriotis, Konstantinos
2006Researching the development gap between the hinterland and the coast—evidence from the island of CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos
2001Strategies on resort areas and their lifecycle stagesAndriotis, Konstantinos
2004The tourism workforce and policy: Exploring the assumptions using Crete as the case studyVaughan, David Roger; Andriotis, Konstantinos
2004The tourism workforce and policy: exploring the assumptions using Crete as the case studyVaughan, David; Andriotis, Konstantinos
2007Tourist vacation preferences: the case of mass tourists to Crete.Agiomirgianakis, George; Mihiotis, Athanasios; Andriotis, Konstantinos