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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Climate change due to heat and drought stress can alter the physiology of Maratheftiko local Cyprian grapevine varietyChrysargyris, Antonios ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Antoniou, Omiros ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
15-Apr-2019The combined and single effect of salinity and copper stress on growth and quality of Mentha spicata plantsChrysargyris, Antonios ; Papakyriakou, Eleftheria ; Petropoulos, Spyridon A. ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
1-Mar-2017Consumer behavior and knowledge on organic vegetables in CyprusChrysargyris, Antonios ; Kontos, Y. ; Xylia, P. ; Ntoulaptsi, M. ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
23-Jan-2019Deployment of olive-stone waste as a substitute growing medium component for Brassica seedling production in nurseriesChrysargyris, Antonios ; Antoniou, Omiros ; Athinodorou, Filio ; Vassiliou, Rea ; Papadaki, Anastasia ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
Dec-2018Drought stress and soil management practices in grapevines in Cyprus under the threat of climate changeChrysargyris, Antonios ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Litskas, Vassilis ; Mandoulaki, Athanasia ; Antoniou, Demetris ; Boyias, Timos ; Stavrinides, Menelaos ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
15-Mar-2019Effect of phosphorus application rate on Mentha spicata L. grown in deep flow technique (DFT)Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Petropoulos, Spyridon A. ; Fernandes, Ângela ; Barros, Lillian ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. ; Ferreira, Isabel C. F. R. 
2-Jul-2016Effectiveness of Aloe vera gel coating for maintaining tomato fruit qualityChrysargyris, Antonios ; Nikou, A. ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
Dec-2018Effects of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extracts on lettuce growth, physiology and fresh-cut salad storage under potassium deficiencyChrysargyris, Antonios ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Anastasiou, Myria ; Pantelides, Iakovos ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
10-Dec-2018Effects of Salinity on Tagetes Growth, Physiology, and Shelf Life of Edible Flowers Stored in Passive Modified Atmosphere Packaging or Treated With EthanolChrysargyris, Antonios ; Tzionis, Andreas ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
14-Dec-2016Effects of water stress on lavender and sage biomass production, essential oil composition and biocidal properties against Tetranychus urticae (Koch)Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Laoutari, Sotiroula ; Litskas, Vassilis ; Stavrinides, Menelaos ; Tzortzakis, Nikos 
Dec-2018Evaluation of municipal solid waste compost and/or fertigation as peat substituent for pepper seedlings productionChrysargyris, Antonios ; Stamatakis, Aristeidis ; Moustakas, Konstantinos ; Prasad, Munoo ; Tzortzakis, Nikos 
1-Apr-2017First report of root rot of hydroponically grown lettuce (Lactuca sativa) caused by a Pythium species from the cluster B2a species complex in CyprusPantelides, Iakovos ; Tsolakidou, Maria Dimitra ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
1-Sep-2017First report of root rot of hydroponically grown peppermint (Mentha × piperita) caused by a Pythium myriotylum in CyprusPantelides, Iakovos ; Tsolakidou, Maria Dimitra ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
1-Feb-2018Mint and pomegranate extracts/oils as antibacterial agents against Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes on shredded carrotsXylia, Panayiota ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Botsaris, George ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
1-Jan-2015Municipal solid wastes and mineral fertilizer as an eggplant transplant mediumChrysargyris, Antonios ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
1-May-2016Nitrogen and phosphorus levels affected plant growth, essential oil composition and antioxidant status of lavender plant (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.)Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Panayiotou, Christakis ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
Jun-2017Optimization of potassium fertilization/nutrition for growth, physiological development, essential oil composition and antioxidant activity of Lavandula angustifolia MillChrysargyris, Antonios ; Drouza, Chryssoula ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
May-2019Physiochemical properties of petunia edible flowers grown under saline conditions and their postharvest performance under modified atmosphere packaging and ethanol applicationChrysargyris, Antonios ; Tzionis, Andreas ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Nicola, Silvana ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
Jan-2019Physiological and biochemical attributes of Mentha spicata when subjected to saline conditions and cation foliar applicationChrysargyris, Antonios ; Solomou, Maria ; Petropoulos, Spyridon A. ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
20-Apr-2018Physiological and biochemical responses of Lavandula angustifolia to salinity under mineral foliar applicationChrysargyris, Antonios ; Michailidi, Evgenia ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G.