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Jan-2010Does microstructure matter for statistical nanoindentation techniques?Constantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef ; Vandamme, Matthieu ; Jennings, Hamlin M. ; Vanzo, James ; Bentivegna, Michelle ; Krakowiak, Konrad J. ; Bobko, Christopher P. ; Vliet, Krystyn J Van 
6-Mar-2006Dual-indentation technique for the assessment of strength properties of cohesive-frictional materialsConstantinides, Georgios ; Ganneau, F. P. ; Ulm, Franz Josef 
Jan-2004The effect of two types of c-s-h on the elasticity of cement-based materials:results from nanoindentation and micromechanical modelingConstantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef 
1-Jan-2005Experimental MicroporomechanicsUlm, Franz Josef ; Delafargue, Antoine ; Constantinides, Georgios 
25-Aug-2006Grid indentation analysis of composite microstructure and mechanics: principles and validationConstantinides, Georgios ; Ravichandran, K. S R ; Ulm, Franz Josef 
Jan-2004Is concrete a poromechanics material? - a multiscale investigation of poroelastic propertiesConstantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef ; Heukamp, Franz H. 
2005Material invariant poromechanics properties of shalesConstantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef ; Abousleiman, Younane N. 
2008The nano-mechanical signature of Ultra High Performance Concrete by statistical nanoindentation techniquesSorelli, Luca ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef ; Toutlemonde, François 
Jan-2007The nanogranular nature of c-s-hConstantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef 
Apr-2003On the use of nanoindentation for cementitious materialsConstantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef ; Van Vliet, Krystyn J. 
2008Probing the chemo-mechanical performance of cementitious materialsConstantinides, Georgios ; Van Vliet, Krystyn J. ; Smith, James F. ; Ulm, Franz Josef 
Oct-2011Quantifying Plasticity-independent Creep Compliance and Relaxation of Viscoelastoplastic Materials Under Contact LoadingConstantinides, Georgios ; Vandamme, Matthieu ; Tweedie, Catherine A. ; Ulm, Franz Josef ; Vliet, Krystyn J Van 
Sep-2007Reply to discussion of the paper "A multi-technique investigation of the nanoporosity of cement pasteJennings, Hamlin M. ; Thomas, Jeffrey J. ; Gevrenov, Julia S. ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Ulm, Franz Josef