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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Hellenic nurses’ perception of their public image: a phenomenological approachPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria 
1-Jun-2010How can we manage cultural competence in mental health nursing?Kleanthous, Efrosyni ; Karanikola, Maria 
23-Aug-2018Investigation into the metric properties of the workplace social capital questionnaire and its association with self-rated health and psychological distress amongst Greek-Cypriot registered nurses: cross-sectional descriptive studyMiddleton, Nicos ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Karanikola, Maria ; Kouta, Christiana ; Kolokotroni, Ourania ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
2014Is measuring social capital culturally- and group-specific? psychometric validation of the New South Wales social capital questionnaire across distinct population groups in CyprusNicolaou, Christiana ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Kouta, Christiana ; Karanikola, Maria ; Kolokotroni, Ourania ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Middleton, Nicos 
29-Oct-2014May BDNF be implicated in the exercise-mediated regulation of inflammation? critical review and synthesis of evidencePapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Miltiadous, Panagiota ; Karanikola, Maria 
1-Jan-2015Measuring professional satisfaction and nursing workload among nursing staff at a Greek coronary care unitGouzou, Maria ; Karanikola, Maria ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita 
1-Dec-2015Measuring professional satisfaction and nursing workload among nursing staff at a Greek coronary care unitGouzou, Maria ; Karanikola, Maria ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita 
Feb-2015Measuring professional satisfaction in Greek nurses: combination of qualitative and quantitative investigation to evaluate the validity and reliability of the index of work satisfactionPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria 
16-May-2019Mental health among single mothers in Cyprus: A cross-sectional descriptive correlational studyKouta, Christiana ; Karanikola, Maria ; Rousou, Elena ; Middleton, Nicos 
1-May-2018A meta-ethnography of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors' meanings on life and deathAristidou, Maria ; Vouzavali, Fotini ; Karanikola, Maria ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
2011Moral distress and associations with autonomy and collaboration in italian intensive care nursesPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria ; Drigo, Elio ; Kalafati, Maria ; Albarran, John W. 
May-2014Moral distress, autonomy and nurse-physician collaboration among ICU nurses in ItalyAlbarran, John W. ; Drigo, Elio ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita ; Kalafati, Maria ; Tsiaousis, George Z. ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria ; Mpouzika, Meropi 
1-Jan-2015"An Ongoing Struggle With the Self and Illness": Α Meta-Synthesis of the Studies of the Lived Experience of Severe Mental IllnessKaite, Charis P. ; Karanikola, Maria ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
2011‘The patient is my space’: hermeneutic investigation of the nurse-patient relationship in critical carePapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Vouzavali, Foteini ; Karanikola, Maria 
2017Perceptions of critical and emergency department nurses regarding changes in their professional roleKaranikola, Maria ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita ; Mpouzika, Meropi ; Nicolaou, Christiana ; Tsiaousis, George Z. ; Vouzavali, Foteini ; Zafiropoulou-Koutrouba, Anna ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
Oct-2018Perceptions of professional role in community mental health nurses: The interplay of power relations between nurses and mentally ill individualsKaranikola, Maria ; Kaikoushi, Katerina ; Doulougeri, Karolina ; Koutrouba, Anna ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
1-Oct-2018A phenomenological investigation of the interplay among professional worth appraisal, self-esteem and self-perception in nurses: the revelation of an internal and external criteria systemKaranikola, Maria ; Doulougeri, Karolina ; Zafiropoulou-Koutrouba, Anna ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
Jan-2007Pilot exploration of the association between self-esteem and professional satisfaction in Hellenic Hospital nursesPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita ; Koutroubas, Anna ; Karanikola, Maria 
Jan-2007Preliminary exploration of nursing care safety indices in Hellenic critical care unitsKostaki, Dimitra ; Karanikola, Maria 
Aug-2014The prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of depressive symptoms among Cypriot university students: a cross-sectional descriptive co-relational studySokratous, Sokratis ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Middleton, Nicos ; Karanikola, Maria