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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007Chaotropic effects on 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene uptake by wheat (Triticum aestivum)Datta, Rupali K. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Shakya, Kabindra Man ; Pachanoor, Devanand ; Das, Padmini K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Jul-2007Chemically catalyzed uptake of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene by Vetiveria zizanioidesShakya, Kabindra Man ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Pachanoor, Devanand ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Chemically-catalyzed uptake of 2, 4, 6-trinitrotoluene by vetiver grass vetiveria zizanioides in soilDas, Padmini K. ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Ovuegbe, Emeka ; Punamiya, Pravin ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Jan-2012Co-leaching of brominated compounds and antimony from bottled waterAndra, Syam S. ; Shine, James P. ; Lu, Chensheng ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Nov-2014Co-occurrence profiles of trace elements in potable water systems: a case studyAndra, Syam S. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Costa, Costas ; Charisiadis, Pantelis 
1-Jan-2018Cohort-friendly protocol for a sensitive and fast method for trihalomethanes in urine using gas chromatography—Triple quadrupole mass spectrometryCharisiadis, Pantelis ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Dec-2006Colloid-mediated vertical phosphorus transport in a waste-amended soilGrove, John H. ; Matocha, Christopher J. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
1-May-2008Controlling the fate of roxarsone and inorganic arsenic in poultry litterSalazar, Jason Mark ; Quazi, Shahida ; Andra, Syam S. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Bach, Stephan B H ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
1-Mar-2018Coupling external with internal exposure metrics of trihalomethanes in young females from Kuwait and CyprusGängler, Stephanie ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Bouhamra, Walid ; Dockery D., Douglas W. 
Feb-2010Coupling indigenous biostimulation and phytoremediation for the restoration of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene-contaminated sitesSarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
4-Aug-2017Coupling Urinary Trihalomethanes and Metabolomic Profiles of Type II Diabetes: A Case-Control StudyAndrianou, Xanthi D. ; Charisiadis, Pantelis ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Current trends and future directions in environmental geochemistry researchSarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Jan-2013Delineating the degree of association between biomarkers of arsenic exposure and type-2 diabetes mellitusAndra, Syam S. ; Ettinger, Adrienne S. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Christophi, Costas A. 
13-Sep-2017Distribution of non-persistent endocrine disruptors in two different regions of the human brainVan Der Meer, Thomas P. ; Artacho-Cordón, Francisco ; Swaab, Dick F. ; Struik, Dicky ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Wolffenbuttel, Bruce H. R. ; Frederiksen, Hanne ; Van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, Jana V. 
Jun-2009Do lagoons near concentrated animal feeding operations promote nitrous oxide supersaturation?Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Andra, Syam S. ; Bach, Stephan B H ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Feb-2007Effect of soil properties on arsenic fractionation and bioaccessibility in cattle and sheep dipping vat sitesSarkar, Dibyendu ; Parra-Noonan, M. T. ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Feb-2010Effect of solution chemistry on arsenic sorption by Fe- and Al-based drinking-water treatment residualsNagar, Rachana ; Sarkarb, Dibyendu ; Dattad, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Nov-2013Effectiveness of urea in enhancing the extractability of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene from chemically variant soilsDas, Padmini K. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Punamiya, Pravin ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Effects of a common gastric bacterium on soil arsenic bioaccessibility and speciation in the human stomachSarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Patel, Mandakini ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Effects of incubation time and arsenic load on arsenic bioaccessibility in three Florida soils amended with sodium arsenateDatta, Rupali K. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Makris, Konstantinos C.