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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006C.selected poster presentations: quality nursing care: patient's perspectives and the nursing response (preliminary report)Papadopoulos, Irena Rena ; Beadmoore, A. ; Charalambous, Andreas 
Jan-2018Cancer patients' perceptions of quality-of-care attributes—Associations with age, perceived health status, gender and educationSuhonen, Riitta A. ; Stolt, Minna ; Berg, Agneta ; Katajisto, Jouko ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Patiraki, Elisabeth ; Sjövall, Katarina ; Charalambous, Andreas 
1-Jan-2016Cancer Related Fatigue and Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer Undergoing ChemotherapyCharalambous, Andreas ; Kouta, Christiana 
22-Mar-2019Cancer-related fatigue and sleep deficiency in cancer care continuum: concepts, assessment, clusters, and managementCharalambous, Andreas ; Berger, Ann M. ; Matthews, Ellyn ; Balachandran, Dave D. ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Palesh, Oxana 
2011Cancer’s related anxiety “Kryptonite” − a randomized control trial for the use of guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxationBozas, Evangelos ; Androulakis, I. ; Charalambous, Andreas 
2012Caregivers’ work satisfaction and individualised care in care settings for older peopleSuhonen, Riitta ; Katajisto, Jouko ; Charalambous, Andreas 
2006Change: terminology, theories and process of implementationCharalambous, Andreas 
1-Jan-2016Clinical Studies of Nonpharmacological Methods to Minimize Salivary Gland Damage after Radioiodine Therapy of Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma: Systematic ReviewChristou, Andri ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Frangos, Savvas ; Tamana, Panayiota ; Charalambous, Andreas 
Jun-2019Common reasons why an academic paper is rejected: views from the editorsMolassiotis, Alex ; McCarthy, Alexandra ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Gibson, Faith ; Lopez, Violeta ; Beaver, Kinta 
Feb-2014Complementary and alternative medical interventions for the management of anxiety in parents of children who are hospitalized and suffer from a malignancy: a systematic review of RCTsRaftopoulos, Vasilios ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Tsitsi, Theologia 
1-Jan-2018The concept of individualised careSuhonen, Riitta ; Charalambous, Andreas 
2012The conceptualization and measurement of individualized careChappell, Neena L. ; Katajisto, Jouko ; Charalambous, Andreas 
2012The confirmatory factor analysis of the job diagnostic survey: the oncology nursing settingTalias, Michael ; Raftopoulos, Vasilios ; Charalambous, Andreas 
19-Dec-2014Construction and validation of the quality of oncology nursing care scale (QONCS)Charalambous, Andreas ; Adamakidou, Theodoula 
1-Sep-2018Content of Orthopedic Patient Education Provided by Nurses in Seven European CountriesCharalambous, Andreas ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Valkeapää, Kirsi ; Zabalegui, Adelaida ; Ingadottir, Brynja ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Fatkulina, Natalja ; Jonko, Katajisto ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena T. 
2010The cost of caring: the relative with schizophreniaTsangari, Haritini ; Karayiannis, George ; Καραγιάννης, Γιώργος ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Papastavrou, Evridiki 
2010A critical exploration of surgical-oncology nurse’s perceptions of factors involved in decision making on postoperative wound management : a descriptive surveyCharalampous, Melanie ; Charalambous, Andreas 
2009A descriptive analysis of the Cyprus healthcare system based on the main state provision theoriesCharalambous, Andreas 
1-Jun-2015The effect of resistance inspiratory muscle training in the management of breathlessness in patients with thoracic malignancies: a feasibility randomised trialMolassiotis, Alexander ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Taylor, Paul D. ; Stamataki, Zoe ; Summers, Yvonne Jane 
Jun-2018The effect of the use of thyme honey in minimizing radiation - induced oral mucositis in head and neck cancer patients: a randomized controlled trialCharalambous, Melanie ; Raftopoulos, Vasilios ; Paikousis, Lefkios ; Katodritis, Nicos ; Lambrinou, Ekaterini ; Vomvas, Dimitrios ; Georgiou, Morpho ; Charalambous, Andreas