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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An integrated framework for evaluating the performance of age progression algorithmsLanitis, Andreas ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2002An Intelligent Agent based Approach for Service Discovery in Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksPertselakis, Minas ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2004Intelligent initialization of resource allocating RBF networksWallace, Manolis ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. 
2003An Intelligent Scheme for Facial Expression RecognitionRaouzaiou, Amaryllis ; Ioannou, Spiros ; Karpouzis, Kostas ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. ; Cowie, Roddy I D 
2009The Internet in Cyprus 2009, Final ReportGialamas, Vassilis ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Milioni, Dimitra L. ; Kyza, Eleni A. ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Demertzis, Nicolas ; Kyriakides, Christopher ; Panos, Dionysis 
2010The Internet in Cyprus 2010, Final ReportGialamas, Vassilis ; Milioni, Dimitra L. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kyza, Eleni A. ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Demertzis, Nicolas ; Kyriakides, Christopher ; Panos, Dionysis 
2005InUbihealth: artefacts for ubiquitous health monitoringTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Vogiatzis, Dimitrios 
2012Investigating the scalability of algorithms, the role of similarity metric and the list of suggested items construction scheme in recommender systemsTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Georgiou, Olga 
2014Learning user models in multi-criteria recommender systemsTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Agathokleous, Marilena
2014Lessons learned from the application of biometric-tests on a real case involving identity verification of a missing childTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Lanitis, Andreas 
1997Markovian models for the output of real word MPEG-1 encodersDoulamis, Nikolaos D. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Tsiodras, Athanasios ; Kollias, Stefanos D. 
30-Jan-2018Message from the CPSCom-2017 Workshop/Symposium ChairsAlam Bhuiyan, Md Zakirul ; Dahal, Keshav P. ; Nasser, Youssef ; Tawfik, Hissam Mouyad ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
Jan-2018Metadata for intangible cultural heritage: the case of folk dancesGiannoulakis, Stamatios ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Grammalidis, Nikos 
Dec-2016Mining online political opinion surveys for suspect entries: An interdisciplinary comparisonDjouvas, Constantinos ; Mendez, Fernando ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2006Missing Value Estimation for DNA Microarrays with Mutliresolution SchemesVogiatzis, Dimitrios ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2008Modeling user networks in recommender systemsTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Vogiatzis, Dimitrios 
2012Modelling crowdsourcing originated keywords within the athletics domainTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Theodosiou, Zenonas 
2000Moving to continuous facial expression space using the MPEG-4 facial definition parameter (FDP) setTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Karpouzis, Kostas ; Kollias, Stefanos D. 
2012Multiocular surveilance of wide dynamic environments based on optical vision, event modelling and end-to-end data encryption: a cloud-based monitoring approach of maritime activitiesNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Sardis, Emmanuel S.; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Rizomiliotis, Panagiotis
1999A multiresolution model of iterative regularized image restorationStephanakis, Ioannis ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Doulamis, Nikolaos D. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas