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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Spatial histogram of keypointsTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Theodosiou, Zenonas 
Aug-2009Spatiotemporal saliency for video classificationTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Rapantzikos, Konstantinos ; Avrithis, Yannis ; Kollias, Stefanos D. 
2004Spatiotemporal visual attention architecture for video analysisRapantzikos, Konstantinos ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Avrithis, Yannis 
Sep-2018Topic modelling on Instagram hashtags: an alternative way to Automatic Image Annotation?Argyrou, Argyris ; Giannoulakis, Stamatios ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
Aug-2018Twitter influencers or cheated buyers?Zenonos, Savvas ; Tsirtsis, Andreas ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2009Unsupervised clustering of clickthrough data for automatic annotation of multimedia contentTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Ntalianis, Klimis S. ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. 
9-Dec-2015Unsupervised sports video particles annotation based on social latent semantic analysisNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2012Using visual cues for the extraction of web image semantic informationTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Tryfou, Georgina 
1998A vector based approximation of KLT and its application to face recognitionTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Alexopoulos, Vassilios ; Kollias, Stefanos D. 
2013Video abstraction in social media: augmenting facebook's EdgeRank algorithm in video content presentationNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Doulamis, Nikolaos D. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2010Video-object oriented biometrics hiding for user authentication over mobile networksNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Drigas, Athanasios 
2011Video-object oriented biometrics hiding for user authentication under error-prone transmissionsNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Drigas, Athanasios 
2014A view behind the scene: data structures and software architecture of a VAATsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Djouvas, Constantinos 
2006Visual attention based region of interest coding for video-telephony applicationsTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Pattichis, Constantinos ; Kounoudes, Anastasis ; Loizou, Christos P. ; Constantinides, Anthony G. ; Taylor, John G. 
2013Voting advice applications: missing value estimation using matrix factorization and collaborative filteringAgathokleous, Marilena; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
Sep-2017Voting Intention: 'I prefer not to say' versus 'I am undecided'Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Agathokleous, Marilena 
Dec-2016Wall-content selection in social media: a revelance feedback scheme based on explicit crowdsourcingNtalianis, Klimis S. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
2013Watermark resynchronization: an efficient approach based on eulerian tours around a robust skeletonRaftopoulos, Konstantinos; Ntalianis, Klimis S. ; Tzouveli, Paraskevi K. ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Parker-Wood, Aleatha; Ferecatu, Marin
2006Wavelet based estimation of saliency maps in visual attention algorithmsTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Rapantzikos, Konstantinos 
2012Web image context extraction based on semantic representation of web page visual segmentsTryfou, Georgina ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Theodosiou, Zenonas