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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1999The impact of otitis media with effusion on early phonetic inventories: A longitudinal prospective investigationPetinou, Kakia ; Schwartz, Richard G. ; Mody, Maria ; Gravel, Judith S. 
1-Dec-2017International Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists' Practices in Working with Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderGillon, Gail ; Hyter, Yvette  ; Fernandes, Fernanda Dreux  ; Ferman, Sara ; Hus, Yvette ; Petinou, Kakia ; Segald, Osnat ; Tumanova, Tatjana  ; Vogindroukas, Ioannis  ; Westby, Carol  ; Westerveld, Marleen 
Jan-2016Investigating Use of a Parent Report Tool to Measure Vocabulary Development in Deaf Greek-speaking Children with Cochlear ImplantsOktapoti, Maria ; Okalidou, Areth ; Kyriafinis, George ; Petinou, Kakia ; Vital, Victor ; Herman, Rosalind 
2000Language characteristics of Cypriot Greek speaking children with specific language impairmentPetinou, Kakia ; Terzi, A. 
9-Nov-2011Language skills in cypriot-greek speaking toddlers with specific language delayPetinou, Kakia ; Constantinou, Astero ; Kapsou, Margarita 
2011Language skills of late talking toddlers: a longitudinal investigation ages 2-3 yearsPetinou, Kakia ; Constandinou, Astero ; Kapsou, Margarita 
2010Linguistic symptoms and linguistic development in late taking toddlers - Glossiki symptomatolgia kai glossikh porei ton pedion me argi ekseliskh sthn omilia: Ereynhtika kai klinika dedomenaPetinou, Kakia 
2017Mastering word-initial syllable onsets by Cypriot Greek toddlers with and without early language delayPetinou, Kakia ; Armostis, Spyros 
2016Morpho-phonology and compensation: Tense marking and object clitics in Greek and Cypriot Greek children with SLIMastropavlou, Maria ; Petinou, Kakia ; Tsimpli, I. 
13-Aug-2018Morphophonology and compensation in Specific Language Impairment: Evidence from Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot GreekMastropavlou, Maria ; Petinou, Kakia ; Tsimpli, Ianthi Maria ; Georgiou, Anastasios M. 
1-Dec-2017Neurobiological Bases of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Implications for Early Intervention: A Brief OverviewPetinou, Kakia ; Minaidou, Despo  
1-Feb-2017Perception Abilities of L1 Cypriot Greek Listeners - Types of Errors Involving Plosive Consonants in L2 EnglishKkese, Elena ; Petinou, Kakia 
1997Phonological acquisition in children with otitis media: Speech perception and speech productionSchwartz, Richard G. ; Mody, M. ; Petinou, Kakia 
12-Apr-2017Phonological Process Occurrence in Typically Developing ToddlersPetinou, Kakia ; Armostis, Spyros 
Oct-2001Plural suffixation skills in Cypriot Greek speaking children with specific language impairment: two competing hypothesesPetinou, Kakia ; Hadzigeorgiou, L. 
Jan-2001A preliminary account of phonological and morphophonological perception in young children with and without otitis mediaPetinou, Kakia ; Schwartz, R. ; Gravel, J. ; Lawrence, J.R. 
2-Nov-2019Promoting speech intelligibility through phonologically dense targetsPetinou, Kakia ; Theodorou, Eleni 
2016Provision of Augmentative and Alternative Communication services to people with disabilitiesPampoulou, Eliada ; Petinou, Kakia 
23-May-2018Risk and Prevalence of Self-Perceived Voice Disorders in Male and Female University ProfessorsKyriakou, Kyriaki ; Petinou, Kakia ; Phinikettos, Ioannis 
Sep-2018Risk factors for voice disorders in university professors in CyprusKyriakou, Kyriaki ; Petinou, Kakia ; Phinikettos, Ioannis