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2016A cultural semiotic aesthetic approach for a virtual heritage project: Part A-The semiotic foundations of the approachVoutounos, Chrysanthos ; Lanitis, Andreas 
2018A Cultural Semiotic Aesthetic Approach for a Virtual Heritage Project: Part B—Evaluation and Design for Virtual Heritage and Theoretical ExtensionsVoutounos, Chrysanthos ; Lanitis, Andreas 
20-Jun-2014Designing and evaluating an expert system for restoring damaged byzantine iconsMaronidis, Anastasios ; Voutounos, Chrysanthos ; Lanitis, Andreas 
2011Formulating design guidelines for cultural heritage multimedia systems with byzantine art contentVoutounos, Chrysanthos ; Zaphiris, Panayiotis ; Lanitis, Andreas 
9-Dec-2013An integrated tool for virtual restoration of Byzantine iconsMaronidis, Anastasios ; Voutounos, Chrysanthos ; Lanitis, Andreas 
2011On the presentation of Byzantine art in virtual environmentsVoutounos, Chrysanthos ; Lanitis, Andreas 
2012A semiotic-pedagogic framework for the design of a virtual museum of Byzantine artVoutounos, Chrysanthos ; Lanitis, Andreas 
2012Virtual restoration of faces appearing in byzantine iconsVoutounos, Chrysanthos ; Stylianou, Georgios; Lanitis, Andreas 
2017Η σημειοαισθητική προσέγγιση της Βυζαντινής τέχνης ως εικονική κληρονομιάVoutounos, Chrysanthos