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1-Feb-2009Automatic production of test data with a multiple batch-optimistic methodSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
Jun-2010Automatic search-based testing with the required k-tuples criterionSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Krokou, Andria ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
1-Oct-2007An automatic software test-data generation scheme based on data flow criteria and genetic algorithmsSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Economides, Kypros A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
Nov-2008Automatic, evolutionary test data generation for dynamic software testingAndreou, Andreas S. ; Sofokleous, Anastasis A. 
Oct-2007Batch-optimistic test-cases generation using genetic algorithmsSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
May-2006Creating and manipulating control flow graphs with multilevel grouping and code coverageSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. ; Ioakim, Gianna 
Jun-2008Dynamic search-based test data generation focused on data flow pathsSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
2011Specification-based automated gui testingPanayi, Charis ; Sofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Andreou, Andreas S. 
1-Dec-2009Symbolic execution for dynamic, evolutionary test data generationAndreou, Andreas S. ; Sofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Kourras, Antonis 
2010A unified web-based framework for Java code analysis and evolutionary automatic test-cases generationSofokleous, Anastasis A. ; Petsas, Panagiotis ; Andreou, Andreas S.