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6-Nov-2013Antecedents and consequents of brand managers' rolePoulis, Athanasios ; Panigyrakis, George G. ; Panopoulos, Anastasios Panos 
1-Jan-2016Attitudes toward ads portraying women in decorative roles and female competition: An evolutionary psychology perspectiveKyrousi, Antigone G. ; Panigyrakis, George G. ; Panopoulos, Anastasios P. 
1-Dec-1999Brand managers in the pharmaceutical industry: Are they any different?Panigyrakis, George G. ; Veloutsou, Cleopatra A. 
1-Jan-1999Brand managers' relations with industrial service providers in pharmaceutical and other companiesPanigyrakis, George G. ; Veloutsou, Cleopatra A. 
1-Feb-1999Brand managers’ interfaces in different consumer goods industriesPanigyrakis, George G. ; Veloutsou, Cleopatra A. 
1-Jan-2001Brand teams and the brand management structure in pharmaceutical and other fast-moving consumer goods companiesVeloutsou, Cleopatra A. ; Panigyrakis, George G. 
1-Jan-2015Color effects in print advertising: A research update (1985-2012)Panigyrakis, George G. ; Kyrousi, Antigone G. 
1-Apr-2018The emotional value of arts-based initiatives: Strengthening the luxury brand–consumer relationshipKoronaki, Eirini ; Kyrousi, Antigone G. ; Panigyrakis, George G. 
1-Jan-2017Hosting a successful metamodern party: Mixed methods management research on the web 2.0+Zarkada, Anna K. ; Panigyrakis, George G. ; Tzoumaka, Eugenia 
12-Jan-2010The influence of the Olympic Games on Beijing consumers' perceptions of their city tourism developmentKapareliotis, Ilias ; Panopoulos, Anastasios ; Panigyrakis, George G. 
5-Jun-2009Internal marketing impact on business performance in a retail contextPanigyrakis, George G. ; Theodoridis, Prokopis K. 
2019Looking for luxury CSR practices that make more sense: The role of corporate identity and consumer attitudePanigyrakis, George ; Panopoulos, Anastasios ; Koronaki, Eirini 
31-Jan-2013Male and female attitudes towards stereotypical advertisements: A paired country investigationTheodoridis, Prokopis K. ; Kyrousi, Antigone G. ; Zotou, Athina Y. ; Panigyrakis, George G. 
1-Mar-2007Market orientation and performance: An empirical investigation in the retail industry in GreecePanigyrakis, George G. ; Theodoridis, Prokopis K. 
25-Sep-2009Marketing and corporate profitability: the case of Greek firmsPanigyrakis, George G. ; Kapareliotis, Ilias ; Ventoura, Zoe 
3-Oct-2007Measuring the effectiveness of marketing information systems: An empirically validated instrumentGounaris, Spiros P. ; Panigyrakis, George G. ; Chatzipanagiotou, Kalliopi C. 
1-Jan-2009Men and women as public relation managers in Greece and Turkey: A comparison study of background variables, job-related factors and activitiesPanigyrakis, George G. ; Poulis, G. Athanasios 
1-Mar-1998Sex-related differences of public relations managers in consumer goods companies in Greece and ItalyPanigyrakis, George G. ; Veloutsou, Cleopatra A. 
1-Jan-2017Strategic marketing objectives in mergers and acquisitions in the greek food industryPanigyrakis, George G.