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25-Jun-2000Catalytic behavior of La–Sr–Ce–Fe–O mixed oxidic/perovskitic systems for the NO+CO and NO+CH4+O2 (lean-NOx) reactionsBelessi, Vassiliki ; Costa, Costas ; Bakas, Thomas V. ; Anastasiadou, T. ; Pomonis, Phillippos J. ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
Sep-2001The CH4/NO/O2 “Lean-deNOx” Reaction on Mesoporous Mn-Based Mixed OxidesStathopoulos, Vassilis ; Costa, Costas ; Pomonis, Phillippos J. ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
30-Dec-2004Dynamics of oxygen storage and release on commercial aged Pd-Rh three-way catalysts and their characterization by transient experimentsLambrou, Panayiota S. ; Costa, Costas ; Christou, Stavroula Y. ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
2005A Green Catalytic Technology for the Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)Costa, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
2004Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Phenol over Novel Supported-Rh and Fe CatalystsPolychronopoulou, Kyriaki ; Theodorou, Zena ; Costa, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
25-Jan-2001An investigation of the NO/H2/O2 (Lean-deNOx) reaction on a highly active and selective Pt/La0.5Ce0.5MnO3 catalystCosta, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. ; Stathopoulos, V. N. ; Belessi, Vassiliki 
25-Oct-2003Mathematical modeling of the oxygen storage capacity phenomenon studied by CO pulse transient experiments over Pd/CeO2 catalystCosta, Costas ; Christou, Stavroula Y. ; Georgiou, Georgios C. ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
Aug-2004Pt/Mg-Ce-O catalyst for NO/H2/O2 lean de-No x reactionCosta, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
15-Mar-2006The role of oxygen and hydroxyl support species on the mechanism of H2 production in the steam reforming of phenol over metal oxide-supported-Rh and -Fe catalystsPolychronopoulou, Kyriaki ; Costa, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
25-Apr-1999Selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide by methane in the presence of oxygen over CaO catalystFliatoura, K. D. ; Verykios, Xenophon E. ; Costa, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
10-Sep-2000The Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitric Oxide with Methane over La2O3–CaO Systems: Synergistic Effects and Surface Reactivity Studies of NO, CH4, O2, and CO2 by Transient TechniquesCosta, Costas ; Anastasiadou, T. ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
28-Sep-2004The steam reforming of phenol reaction over supported-Rh catalystsPolychronopoulou, Kyriaki ; Costa, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. 
18-Sep-2000Synergistic effects of crystal phases and mixed valences in La-Sr-Ce-Fe-O mixed oxidic/perovskitic solids on their catalytic activity for the NO+CO reactionBelessi, Vassiliki ; Bakas, Thomas V. ; Costa, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. ; Pomonis, Phillippos J. 
26-Feb-2004Transient Isotopic Kinetic Study of the NO/H2/O2 (Lean de-NOx) Reaction on Pt/SiO2 and Pt/La-Ce-Mn-O CatalystsCosta, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M.