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2-Jan-2019Conflicts management in public sector nursingLahana, Eleni ; Tsaras, Konstantinos ; Kalaitzidou, Aikaterini ; Galanis, Petros ; Kaitelidou, Daphne ; Sarafis, Pavlos 
Jan-2018Organizational factors and occupational expectations as the main causes of conflict among nurses in a Greek public hospitalLahana, Eleni ; Tsaras, Konstantinos ; Kalaitzidou, K. ; Galanis, Petros ; Kaitelidou, Daphne Ch ; Sarafis, Pavlos 
Jan-2014Views and perceptions of nursing students on their clinical learning environment : teaching and learningPapathanasiou, Ioanna V. ; Tsaras, Konstantinos ; Sarafis, Pavlos