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Jun-2010Adhesive/dentin interface: The weak link in the composite restorationEslick, John ; Bohaty, Brenda S. ; Camarda, Kyle ; Park, Jonggu ; Wang, Yong ; Singh, Viraj ; Marangos, Orestes ; Sene, Fabio ; Katz, J. Lawrence ; Ye, Qiang ; Spencer, Paulette ; Topp, Elizabeth M. ; Misra, Anil S. 
1-Sep-2018Modeling micromechanical measurements of depth-varying properties with scanning acoustic microscopyMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S. 
1-May-2009Physico-mechanical properties determination using microscale homotopic measurements: Application to sound and caries-affected primary tooth dentinMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S. ; Spencer, Paulette ; Bohaty, Brenda ; Katz, J. Lawrence 
4-Apr-2012Quantitative Analysis of Aqueous Phase Composition of Model Dentin Adhesives Experiencing Phase SeparationSpencer, Paulette ; Park, Jonggu ; Misra, Anil S. ; Ye, Qiang ; Laurence, Jennifer S. ; Pamatmat, Francis ; Parthasarathy, Ranganathan ; Marangos, Orestes 
1-Dec-2011Rock-Joint Micromechanics: Relationship of Roughness to Closure and Wave PropagationMisra, Anil S. ; Marangos, Orestes