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3-Jun-2019Assessing the emotional impact of virtual reality-based teacher trainingStavroulia, Kalliopi Evangelia ; Christofi, Maria Dolores ; Baka, Evangelia ; Michael-Grigoriou, Despina ; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia ; Lanitis, Andreas 
1-Jun-2020Enhancing accessibility in cultural heritage environments: considerations for social computingKosma, Panagiotis ; Galanakis, George ; Constantinou, Vaso ; Drossis, Giannis ; Christofi, Maria Dolores ; Klironomos, Iosif ; Zaphiris, Panayiotis ; Antona, Margherita ; Stephanidis, Constantine 
15-Feb-2013Formal verification of a CRT-RSA implementation against fault attacksChristofi, Maria Dolores ; Chetali, Boutheïna ; Goubin, Louis ; Vigilant, David 
15-Mar-2020The impact of genotype and harvesting day on qualitative attributes, postharvest performance and bioactive content of loquat fruitHadjipieri, Margarita ; Christofi, Maria Dolores ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Manganaris, George A. 
8-Sep-2020Social Conformity in Immersive Virtual Environments: The Impact of Agents’ Gaze BehaviorKyrlitsias, Christos ; Michael-Grigoriou, Despina ; Banakou, Domna ; Christofi, Maria Dolores 
11-Nov-2013Towards ERP success in SMEs through business process review prior to implementationChristofi, Maria Dolores ; Nunes, Miguel Baptista ; Peng, Guochao Alex ; Lin, Angela 
1-Apr-2017Using linear codes as a fault countermeasure for nonlinear operations: application to AES and formal verificationAzzi, Sabine ; Barras, Bruno ; Vigilant, David ; Christofi, Maria Dolores