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Oct-2018Challenge for public health: Should you avoid cycling and walking in high pollution days?Tainio, Marko ; Giallouros, Giorgos ; Kouis, Panayiotis ; Evans, John S. ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; Woodcock, James 
2015Health effects of fine particulate matter in life cycle impact assessment: findings from the Basel Guidance WorkshopFantke, Peter ; Jolliet, Olivier ; Evans, John S. ; Apte, Joshua S. ; Cohen, Aaron J. ; Hänninen, Otto O. ; Hurley, Fintan ; Jantunen, Matti J. ; Jerrett, Michael ; Levy, Jonathan I. ; Loh, Miranda M. ; Marshall, Julian D. ; Miller, Brian G. ; Preiss, Philipp ; Spadaro, Joseph V. ; Tainio, Marko ; Tuomisto, Jouni T. ; Weschler, Charles J. ; McKone, Thomas E. 
Jul-2020The long-term impact of restricting cycling and walking during high air pollution days on all-cause mortality: Health impact Assessment studyGiallouros, Giorgos ; Kouis, Panayiotis ; Papatheodorou, Stefania ; Woodcock, James D. ; Tainio, Marko