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1-Jan-2015Comparison of UVC/S2O82- with UVC/H2O2 in terms of efficiency and cost for the removal of micropollutants from groundwaterAntoniou, Maria G. ; Andersen, Henrik Rasmus 
5-Feb-2017Novel pre-treatments to control bromate formation during ozonationAntoniou, Maria G. ; Sichel, Cosima ; Andre, Klaus ; Andersen, Henrik Rasmus 
1-Jul-2013Required ozone doses for removing pharmaceuticals from wastewater effluentsAntoniou, Maria G. ; Hey, Gerly ; Rodríguez Vega, Sergio ; Spiliotopoulou, Aikaterini ; Fick, Jerker ; Tysklind, Mats ; La Cour Jansen, Jes ; Andersen, Henrik Rasmus