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1-Apr-2014Analysis of structural elements and energy consumption of school building stock in Cyprus: Energy simulations and upgrade scenarios of a typical schoolKatafygiotou, Martha ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
1-Oct-2017Analysis of the indoor thermal quality in low income Cypriot households during winterPignatta, Gloria ; Chatzinikola, C. K. ; Artopoulos, G. ; Papanicolas, Costas N. ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou ; Santamouris, Mattheos 
1-Jan-2015Bioclimatic chart analysis in three climate zones in CyprusKatafygiotou, Martha ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
1-Jan-2015Comparative studies of the occupants’ behaviour in a university building during winter and summer timeSerghides, Despina Kyprianou ; Chatzinikola, Chryso ; Katafygiotou, Martha 
1-Jan-2015Drought in Nicosia using Standardized Precipitation Index SPI-n and BMDI drought indexTheophilou, Marios K. ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
1-Dec-2015Energy efficient refurbishment towards nearly zero energy houses, for the mediterranean regionSerghides, Despina Kyprianou ; Dimitriou, Stella ; Michaelidou, Maria ; Katafygiotou, Martha 
2017Energy refurbishment towards nearly zero-energy terrace houses in the Mediterranean regionSerghides, Despina Kyprianou ; Michaelidou, Maria ; Demetriou, Stella ; Katafygiotou, Martha 
1-Dec-2015Estimating the characteristics of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Nicosia, Cyprus, using multiyear urban and rural climatic data and analysisTheophilou, M. K. ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
1-Jan-2014Heat island effect for Nicosia, CyprusTheophilou, Marios ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
1-Jul-2014Indoor comfort and energy performance of buildings in relation to occupants' satisfaction: Investigation in secondary schools of CyprusKatafygiotou, Martha ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
9-Sep-2015Low-energy architecture: From theory to designSerghides, Despina Kyprianou Σεργίδου, Δέσποινα Κυπριανού 
1-Jan-2015Schools: Trends and perspectivesKatafygiotou, Martha ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
1-Jul-2014Thermal comfort of a typical secondary school building in CyprusKatafygiotou, Martha ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou 
15-Nov-2016Towards European targets by monitoring the energy profile of the Cyprus housing stockSerghides, Despina Kyprianou ; Dimitriou, Stella ; Katafygiotou, Martha