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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013The 'antinomian' travel counterculture of Gavdos. An alternative mode of travellingAndriotis, Konstantinos 
12-Nov-2010Brits behaving badly: template analysis of newspaper contentAndriotis, Konstantinos 
2011A comparative study of visitors to urban, coastal and rural areas. Evidence from the Island of CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos 
28-Jan-2010Cruise visitors experience in a mediterranean port of callAgiomirgianakis, George ; Andriotis, Konstantinos 
2004European Union influence over tourism employmentAndriotis, Konstantinos 
Oct-2011Genres of heritage authenticity. Denotations from a pilgrimage landscapeAndriotis, Konstantinos 
Oct-2010Heterotopic erotic oases: The public nude beach experienceAndriotis, Konstantinos 
Oct-2006Hosts, guests and politics: Coastal Resorts Morphological ChangeAndriotis, Konstantinos 
2008Integrated resort development: The case of Cavo Sidero, CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos 
2002Local authorities in Crete and the development of tourismAndriotis, Konstantinos 
2008Measuring tourist satisfaction: A factor-cluster segmentation approachAgiomirgianakis, George ; Mihiotis, Athanasios ; Andriotis, Konstantinos 
2003O εναλλακτικός τουρισμός και τα διαφοροποιητικά χαρακτηριστικά τουAndriotis, Konstantinos 
2002Options in tourism development: Concious versus conventional tourismAndriotis, Konstantinos 
Jun-2009The pattern-matching approach and its application in tourism developmentVaughan, David Roger ; Andriotis, Konstantinos 
2004The perceived impact of tourism development by Cretan residents The perceived impact of tourism development by Cretan residentsAndriotis, Konstantinos 
Jan-2013POSTCARD MOBILITY: going beyond image and textMavric, Misela ; Andriotis, Konstantinos 
2003Problems faced by the Cretan tourism industry as perceived by the business peopleAndriotis, Konstantinos 
Aug-2006Researching the development gap between the hinterland and the coast—evidence from the island of CreteAndriotis, Konstantinos 
9-May-2002Residents satisfaction or dissatisfaction with public sector governance: The Cretan caseAndriotis, Konstantinos 
2004Revising Porter's five forces model for application in the travel and tourism industryAndriotis, Konstantinos