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1-Dec-2008A design-based approach to professional development: The need to see teachers as learners to achieve excellence in inquiry-based science educationKyza, Eleni A. ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. 
2010Developing and validating a web-based learning environment for helping 6th grade students appreciate subjectivity and uncertainty in scienceConstantinou, Constantinos P. ; Michael, Georgia ; Papadouris, Nicos ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
2005The e-Learning movement as a process of quality improvement in higher educationNicolaou, Christiana ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. ; Nicolaidou, Iolie 
2007Enhancing fourth graders’ ability to interpret graphical representations through the use of microcomputer-based labs implemented within an inquiry-based activity sequenceNicolaidou, Iolie ; Nicolaou, Christiana ; Zacharia, Zacharias C. ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. 
2005Implementing a Virtual Learning Environment to Enhance Modeling skills and Collaboration in a Pre-service Teacher Education Science Program: Students' Ideas about a Blended e-Learning Approach.Nicolaidou, Iolie ; Nicolaou, Christiana ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. 
2010Participatory design to support students' web-based inquiry of complex, socio-scientific problemsOldershaw, Cally ; Nicolaidou, Iolie ; Michael, Georgia ; Papadouris, Nicos ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. ; Kolias, Vassilis ; Davaris, Thanassis ; Asher, Itay ; Tabak, Iris ; Redfors, Andreas ; Hansson, Lena ; Rosberg, Maria ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
Dec-2011Sixth graders' co-construction of explanations of a disturbance in an ecosystem: exploring relationships between grouping, reflective scaffolding, and evidence-based explanationsSpanoudis, George C. ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
2010Web-based learning environments supporting socio-scientific decision makingNicolaidou, Iolie ; Michael, Georgia ; Papadouris, Nicos ; Constantinou, Constantinos P. ; Kolias, Vasilis ; Asher, Itay ; Tabak, Iris ; Kyza, Eleni A.