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2014Assessment of capacity auctioning mechanism for solar photovoltaic systemsPoullikkas, Andreas 
2-Jan-2017Comparative analysis of power augmentation in air bottoming cyclesSaghafifar, Mohammad ; Poullikkas, Andreas 
1-Jan-2017A comparative overview of hydrogen production processesNikolaidis, Pavlos ; Poullikkas, Andreas 
2017A comparative review of electrical energy storage systems for better sustainabilityNikolaidis, Pavlos ; Poullikkas, Andreas 
1-Feb-2018Cost metrics of electrical energy storage technologies in potential power system operationsNikolaidis, Pavlos ; Poullikkas, Andreas 
Dec-2012The costs of power outages: a case study from CyprusPoullikkas, Andreas ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
1-Jul-2014Modelling of advanced promotion mechanisms for solar technologies: Net-metering and capacity auctioning schemesPoullikkas, Andreas 
2-Sep-2014Modelling of auctioning mechanism for solar photovoltaic capacityPoullikkas, Andreas 
22-Aug-2015Parametric analysis for the implementation of wind power in United Arab EmiratesAl-Tajer, Yaseen ; Poullikkas, Andreas 
2015Quantifying energy not served in power capacity expansion planning with intermittent sustainable technologiesPoullikkas, Andreas 
1-Jan-2015Sustainable options for electric vehicle technologiesPoullikkas, Andreas 
2015Thermo-economic optimization of air bottoming cyclesSaghafifar, Mohammad ; Poullikkas, Andreas