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1-Feb-2019Book Review: The Discursive-Material Knot: Cyprus in Conflict and Community Media ParticipationChristidis, Yiannis 
2018De-naturalizing antagonistic nationalism through an academic intervention: The reception of two photography exhibitions on the memorialization of the Cyprus ProblemCarpentier, Nico ; Doudaki, Vaia ; Christidis, Yiannis ; Köksal, Fatma Nazli 
1-Dec-2018Digitization and visualization of folk dances in cultural heritage: A reviewKico, Iris ; Grammalidis, Nikos ; Christidis, Yiannis ; Liarokapis, Fotis 
2010Music and noise in the streets: Exploring cultural soundscapesChristidis, Yiannis 
Jun-2016Place Attachment through Everyday Sound: The Case of Divided NicosiaChristidis, Yiannis 
1-Jan-2014Place meaning and the visually impaired: The impact of sound parameters on place attachment and identityRizopoulos, Charalampos ; Gazi, Angeliki ; Christidis, Yiannis 
Jan-2017Soundmarks of conflict in the city centre of divided nicosiaChristidis, Yiannis ; Gazi, Angeliki 
28-May-2015Technological struggles in community mediaCarpentier, Nico ; Christidis, Yiannis ; Doudaki, Vaia 
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