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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017Bank loan loss accounting treatments, credit cycles and crash riskAndreou, Panayiotis ; Cooper, Ian ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Philip, Dennis 
Mar-2007Boards, ownership structure, and involuntary delisting from the New York Stock ExchangeCharitou, Andreas ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Vafeas, Nikos 
1-May-2017CEO age and stock price crash riskAndreou, Panayiotis ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Petrou, Andreas 
Feb-2019CEO overconfidence and the value of corporate cash holdingsAktas, Nihat ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Petmezas, Dimitris 
1-Nov-2016Corporate Governance and Firm-specific Stock Price CrashesAndreou, Panayiotis ; Antoniou, Constantinos ; Horton, Joanne G. ; Louca, Christodoulos 
Mar-2014Corporate governance, financial management decisions and firm performance: Evidence from the maritime industryLouca, Christodoulos ; Panayides, Photis ; Andreou, Panayiotis 
Jan-2009Cross-listing and operating performance: evidence from exchange-listed American depositary receiptsCharitou, Andreas ; Louca, Christodoulos 
10-May-2007Cross-listing, bonding hypothesis and corporate governanceCharitou, Andreas ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Panayides, Stelios 
Dec-2020Cybersecurity RiskFlorackis, Chris ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Michaely, Roni ; Weber, Michael 
16-Jan-2015The determinants of foreign trading volume of stocks listed in multiple marketsDodd, Olga ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Paudyal, Krishna 
Oct-2017The impact of managerial ability on crisis-period corporate investmentAndreou, Panayiotis ; Karasamani, Isabella ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Ehrlich, Daphna 
3-May-2016The impact of vertical integration on inventory turnover and operating performanceAndreou, Panayiotis ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Panayides, Photis 
Dec-2018Managerial overconfidence and the buyback anomalyAndreou, Panayiotis ; Cooper, Ilan ; De Olalla Lopez, Ignacio Garcia ; Louca, Christodoulos 
2021Marriage to the Same Kind: Organizational Political Ideology and Mergers and AcquisitionsChow, Dawn Yi Lin ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Petrou, Andreas ; Procopiou, Andreas 
1-Sep-2016Organizational learning and corporate diversification performanceAndreou, Panayiotis ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Petrou, Andreas 
2008Ownership structure and operating performance: evidence from the european maritime industryLambertides, Neophytos ; Louca, Christodoulos 
30-Mar-2012The Relation Between Changes in the Information Content of Earnings and Expected Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence for Japan.Charitou, Andreas ; Constantinidis, Eleni ; Louca, Christodoulos 
2016Short-horizon event study estimation with a STAR model and real contaminated eventsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Savva, Christos S. 
Sep-2012Supply chain integration of shipping companiesPanayides, Photis ; Wiedmer, Robert ; Andreou, Panayiotis ; Louca, Christodoulos 
Nov-2012Valuation effects of mergers and acquisitions in freight transportationAndreou, Panayiotis ; Panayides, Photis ; Louca, Christodoulos