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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Application of the many sources asymptotic in downscaling Internet-like networksPsounis, Konstantinos; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos 
23-Sep-2009Curvature and temperature of complex networksBoguñá, Marián ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Vahdat, Amin ; Krioukov, Dmitri 
1-Jan-2006An efficient algorithm for resource sharing in peer-to-peer networksPsounis, Konstantinos; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Liao, Wei Cherng 
1-Oct-2007Efficient identification of uncongested internet links for topology downscalingPapadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Psounis, Konstantinos
30-Nov-2015Exploiting Path Diversity in Datacenters using MPTCP-aware SDNZannettou, Savvas ; Sirivianos, Michael ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos 
25-May-2017Geometric Correlations Mitigate the Extreme Vulnerability of Multiplex Networks against Targeted AttacksKleineberg, Kaj-Kolja ; Buzna, Lubos ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Boguñá, Marián ; Serrano, M. Ángeles 
15-Jun-2010Greedy forwarding in dynamic scale-free networks embedded in hyperbolic metric spacesVahdat, Amin ; Krioukov, Dmitri; Boguñá, Marián; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos 
16-Oct-2009Greedy forwarding in scale-free networks embedded in hyperbolic metric spacesKrioukov, Dmitri; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Boguñá, Marián; Vahdat, Amin 
27-Jan-2016Hamiltonian dynamics of preferential attachmentZuev, Konstantin ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Krioukov, Dmitri V 
1-Nov-2016Hidden geometric correlations in real multiplex networksBoguñá, Marián; Ángeles Serrano, M. ; Kleineberg, Kaj-Kolja; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos 
9-Sep-2010Hyperbolic geometry of complex networksKrioukov, Dmitri ; Boguñá, Marián ; Vahdat, Amin ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Kitsak, Maksim A. 
26-Nov-2019Latent geometry and dynamics of proximity networksPapadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Flores, Marco Antonio Rodríguez 
8-Mar-2017Latent geometry of bipartite networksKitsak, Maksim A. ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Krioukov, Dmitri V. 
Jan-2019Link persistence and conditional distances in multiplex networksPapadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Kleineberg, Kaj-Kolja 
May-2013Modeling BitTorrent-like systems with many classes of usersLiao, Weicherng ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Psounis, Konstantinos ; Psomas, Constantinos 
24-Feb-2015Network geometry inference using common neighborsPapadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Aldecoa, Rodrigo ; Krioukov, Dmitri 
1-Feb-2015Network Mapping by Replaying Hyperbolic GrowthPapadopoulos, Fragkiskos ; Psomas, Constantinos ; Krioukov, Dmitri 
2-Aug-2010On scaling the IEEE 802.11 to facilitate scalable wireless networksPapadopoulos, Fragkiskos 
1-Jan-2006A peer-to-peer cooperation enhancement scheme and its performance analysisLiao, Wei Cherng ; Psounis, Konstantinos; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos 
1-Oct-2007Performance analysis of BitTorrent-like systems with heterogeneous usersPsounis, Konstantinos ; Liao, Wei Cherng ; Papadopoulos, Fragkiskos