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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Advances in the analytical modelling of thin-walled tubes in pure flexureWadee, M. Ahmer; Yiatros, Stylianos 
3-Nov-2019Advances in the experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of Carbon NanoweldSofokleous, Katerina ; Drakonakis, Vassilios ; Marangos, Orestes ; Yiatros, Stylianos 
2012Advances in the mechanical modelling of interactive buckling in sandwich structuresWadee, M Ahmer; Völlmecke, Christina; Yiatros, Stylianos 
2013Advances in the modelling of sandwich structures with functionally graded coresGeorgiou, Christodoulos ; Völlmecke, Christina; Yiatros, Stylianos 
2021Assessing the performance of electrospun nanofabrics as potential interlayer reinforcement materials for fiber-reinforced polymersLoizou, Katerina ; Evangelou, Angelos ; Marangos, Orestes ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. ; Chrysafi, Iouliana ; Yiatros, Stylianos ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Zaoutsos, Stefanos ; Drakonakis, Vassilis 
2021Buckling and postbuckling of architectured materials: A review of methods for lattice structures and metal foamsVöllmecke, Christina ; Todt, Melanie ; Yiatros, Stylianos 
2019Characterisation of thin walled sandwich structures comprising steel hollow spheres for the coreYiatros, Stylianos ; Marangos, Orestes ; Brennan, Feargal P. 
Mar-2010Comparative studies of localized buckling in sandwich struts with different core bending modelsWadee, M. Ahmer ; Theofanous, Marios ; Yiatros, Stylianos 
Dec-2018Compressive properties of granular foams of adhesively bonded steel hollow sphere blocksYiatros, Stylianos ; Marangos, Orestes ; Votsis, Renos ; Brennan, Feargal P. 
6-Jun-2016DEFORMATION MONITORING of MATERIALS under STRESS in LABORATORY EXPERIMENTSSkarlatos, Dimitrios ; Yiatros, Stylianos 
2012Development of the online interactive software “Push Me-Pull Me”Coates, Lawrence; McLeod, Iain; Broadbent, Oliver; Yiatros, Stylianos 
Feb-2011Discussion: “On interactive buckling in a sandwich structure” by C. D. ComanWadee, M. Ahmer ; Yiatros, Stylianos 
2009Effects of core models in the interactive buckling of sandwich strutsWadee, M. Ahmer; Theofanous, Marios; Yiatros, Stylianos 
Aug-2021Evaluation of a thermal consolidation process for the production of enhanced technical fabricsEvangelou, Angelos ; Loizou, Katerina ; Georgallas, Michalis ; Sarris, Ernestos ; Marangos, Orestes ; Koutsokeras, Loukas E. ; Yiatros, Stylianos ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Doumanidis, Charalabos ; Drakonakis, Vassilis 
19-Jun-2019Experimental Investigation of shear characteristics and failure in sandwich beams with cores comprising steel hollow sphere assembliesYiatros, Stylianos ; Marangos, Orestes ; Brennan, Feargal P. 
2017Experimental investigation of vibration damping in steel foam sandwich structuresYiatros, Stylianos ; Petrunin, Ivan ; Zanotti Fragonara, Luca ; Brennan, Feargal P. 
2012Finite element analysis of buckling of laminated struts based on a variational formulationVöllmecke, Christina; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Yiatros, Stylianos 
2012Geometric modeling of kink band instability in composite laminatesWadee, M. Ahmer; Völlmecke, Christina; Haley, Joseph F.; Yiatros, Stylianos 
28-Apr-2012Geometric modelling of kink banding in laminated structuresWadee, M. Ahmer ; Völlmecke, Christina ; Haley, Joseph ; Yiatros, Stylianos 
Feb-2011Interactive buckling in sandwich beam-columnsWadee, M. Ahmer ; Yiatros, Stylianos