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Mar-2019Corporate environmental performance: Revisiting the role of organizational slackSymeou, Pavlos C. ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. ; Gardberg, Naomi A. 
1-Jul-2016The Corporate Social Performance of Developing Country MultinationalsZyglidopoulos, Stelios C. ; Williamson, Peter James ; Symeou, Pavlos C. 
2015Cultural Agenda Setting and the Role of Critics: An Empirical Examination in the Market for Art-House FilmsSymeou, Pavlos C. ; Bantimaroudis, Philemon ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. 
1-Aug-2012Cultural Agenda Setting: Media Attributes and Public Attention of Greek MuseumsBantimaroudis, Philemon ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. ; Symeou, Pavlos C. ; Bantimaroudis, Philemon ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. 
Apr-2009Does smallness affect the liberalisation of telecommunications? the case of CyprusSymeou, Pavlos C. 
Jun-2011Economy size and performance: an efficiency analysis in the telecommunications sectorSymeou, Pavlos C. 
2-Sep-2009The effects of economy size on firm performance: evidence from the telecommunications sectorSymeou, Pavlos C. 
Jul-2014Fixed voice telephony in economies of different sizes: When industry policy meets technological changeSymeou, Pavlos C. ; Pollitt, Michael G. 
Dec-2010Greek museum media visibility and museum visitation: an exploration of cultural agenda setting [mediensichtbarkeit griechischer museen und museumsbesuche: eine untersuchung zum kulturellen agenda-setting]Bantimaroudis, Philemon ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. ; Symeou, Pavlos C. ; Bantimaroudis, Philemon ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. 
2-Jan-2018Has family involvement migrated into higher education? An investigation of how administrative staff document the phenomenon in students’ university experiences in CyprusSymeou, Loizos ; Theodorou, Eleni ; Lamprianou, Iasonas ; Rentzou, Konstantina ; Andreou, Panagiota 
Jul-2019The Impact of Corporate Philanthropy on Reputation for Corporate Social PerformanceGardberg, Naomi A. ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. ; Symeou, Pavlos C. 
9-Dec-2019The impact of home-country conditions and geographical diversification on the domestic productivity of telecom multinationals: A multi-country studySymeou, Pavlos C. ; Merchant, Hemant 
Sep-2018International Diversification and Corporate Social Performance: The Subsidiary Activities ImpactWilliamson, Peter James ; Symeou, Pavlos C. ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios C. 
1-Jan-2018Internationalization as a driver of the corporate social performance of extractive industry firmsSymeou, Pavlos C. ; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios ; Williamson, Peter 
Dec-2020Partnering with the state: the value of MNE corporate social performance in international joint venturesSymeou, Pavlos C. ; Kassinis, George 
Dec-2019State Ownership and Foreign Entry Strategy: The Joint Role of Home and Host-Country Pro-market InstitutionsSymeou, Pavlos C. ; Santangelo, Grazia 
2015Variation and genetic profile of milk fatty acids indices in dairy sheepBanos, Georgios ; Symeou, Pavlos C. ; Tzamaloukas, Ouranios ; Miltiadou, Despoina 
2015ΝΜR in Dairy Lipid Research: Improving the fatty acid profile of sheep milk by olive cake supplementationSymeou, Pavlos C. ; Papaemmanouil, Christina ; Tsiafoulis, Constantinos G. ; Tzamaloukas, Ouranios ; Miltiadou, Despoina ; Gerothanassis, Ioannis P.