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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An adaptive live media streaming architectureDemetriou, Ellie ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
2011Application of live video streaming over grid and cloud infrastructuresKarakasilis, Dimitris ; Georgatos, Fotis ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
2011Applying adaptive qos-aware medium access control in priority-based vehicular ad hoc networksChrysostomou, Chrysostomos ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Djouvas, Constantinos 
1-Jun-2013Applying delay tolerant networking routing algorithms in maritime communicationsLambrinos, Lambros ; Djouvas, Constantinos ; Chrysostomou, Chrysostomos 
15-Oct-2013Applying mobile and internet of things technologies in managing parking spaces for people with disabilitiesLambrinos, Lambros ; Dosis, Aristotelis 
2009Applying scheduling policies to improve qoe in wireless voice-over-ipLambrinos, Lambros ; Djouvas, Constantinos 
11-Aug-2014Bounded rationality can increase parking search efficiencyKaraliopoulos, Merkourios S. ; Katsikopoulos, Konstantinos V. ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
1-Jul-2017Bounded rationality can make parking search more efficient: The power of lexicographic heuristicsKaraliopoulos, Merkourios S. ; Katsikopoulos, Konstantinos V. ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
2008A case for multimedia streaming over the grid infrastructureGeorgatos, Fotis ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
4-Sep-2017CityCare: crowdsourcing daily life issue reports in smart citiesBousios, Athanasios ; Gavalas, Damianos ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
15-Aug-2016A clustering based approach for energy efficient routingKosmides, Pavlos ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Asthenopoulos, Vasilis ; Demestichas, Konstantinos ; Adamopoulou, Evgenia 
1-Jan-2014Contention window adaptation for broadcast beaconing in vehicular ad hoc networksChrysostomou, Christis ; Djouvas, Constantinos ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
2011Creating a maritime wireless mesh infrastructure for real-time applicationsLambrinos, Lambros ; Djouvas, Constantinos 
2011A delay tolerant platform for voice message deliveryChrysostomou, Chrysostomos ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Djouvas, Constantinos 
3-Oct-2016Demystifying low-power wide-area communications for city IoT applicationsKartakis, Sokratis ; Choudhary, Babu D. ; Gluhak, Gluhak, Alexander D. ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; McCann, Julie A. 
2008Deploying Open Source IP Telephony in Rural EnvironmentsLambrinos, Lambros 
1-Jan-2014Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Location-Based System for Investigating the Parameters of Place Meaning for Visually Impaired UsersRizopoulos, Charalampos ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Gazi, Angeliki 
1-Jan-2013Dimensioning VoIP capacity in maritime networksLambrinos, Lambros ; Kolios, Panayiotis ; Djouvas, Constantinos 
1-Jan-2013DisAssist: An internet of things and mobile communications platform for disabled parking space managementLambrinos, Lambros ; Dosis, Aristotelis 
2012Dynamically adjusting the min-max contention window for providing quality of service in vehicular networksChrysostomou, Chrysostomos ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Djouvas, Constantinos