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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aesthetics, Politics and Form in Cypriot Films: 1960-1974Stylianou-Lambert, Theopisti ; Philippou, Nicos 
2017Approaches to Displaying Death in Museums: An IntroductionStylianou, Elena ; Stylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
1-Jan-2014Editorial: Photography, artists and museumsStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti ; Stylianou, Elena 
2011Gazing from Home: Cultural Tourism and Art Museums. Annals of Tourism ResearchStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
2016IntroductionStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
2013Martin Parr: A traveller-critic and a professional post-tourist in a Small WorldStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti ; Stylianou, Elena 
2-Jan-2015Museotopia: A photographic research project by Ilya RabinovichStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
1-Jan-2014Museums and cultural sustainability: stakeholders, forces, and cultural policiesStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti ; Boukas, Nikolaos ; Christodoulou-Yerali, Marina 
Jan-2017Museums and Photography: Displaying DeathStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
2016Museums and visitor photography : redefining the visitor experienceStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Jan-2016Museums and Visitor Photography: Redefining the Visitor ExperienceStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Jan-2014Museums: A visual anthropologyStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
May-2015The Nature of Collective Photographic MemoryStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
2009Perceiving the art museumStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Jun-2015The Photograph as visual embodiment of experienceStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Mar-2016Photographing in the Art Museum: conventions, affordances and projected usesStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Dec-2017Photographing in the art museum: visitor attitudes and motivationsStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Jun-2017Photographing: everyday photography in museumsStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Sep-2017Photographing: everyday photography in museumsStylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
Jan-2014Photography and Cyprus: Time, Place & IdentityΣτυλιανού-Lambert, Θεοπίστη