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Title: Attitude and opinion of volunteer blood donors regarding in vitro fertilization
Authors: Katsimigas, George
Spiliopoulou, Chara A.
Hatzilaou, Ioannis
Gika, M.
Kiritsi, H.
Merkouris, Anastasios
Scientific Field: Medical and Health Sciences
Scientific Field: Clinical Medicine
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Nosileftiki, 2008, Vol. 47, no. 3, pp. 396-405
Abstract: AIM The aim of the present study was the evaluation of the behavior and opinions of volunteer blood donors regarding in vitro fertilization. MATERIAL-METHOD The subjects of study consisted of 252 volunteer blood donors, who gave blood and its byproducts to a Blood Donation Center in Athens. The data was collected through a written questionnaire especially created for the purposes of this study. RESULTS The great majority of volunteer blood donors 74.2% disagree with the use of in vitro fertilization by homosexual and overage couples. A percentage of 44.8% expressed their disapproval for in vitro fertilization by unmarried financially independent women. Regarding the ability of in vitro after death and the surrogate mother, 47.2% condone it. While 43.3% agree with the use of surrogate mothers. Independent variables which influence opinion regarding in vitro fertilization were religiousness, education level, education and the number of children in family. CONCLUSIONS The results of the study show that in the Greek society in vitro fertilization is not morally acceptable if it is implemented outside the marriage. Furthermore, in vitro fertilization is not morally acceptable if used by overage couple. Moreover, some ethical hesitations exist for the surrogate mother.
Type: Abstract
Affiliation: Dracopouleion Center of Blood Donation
University of Athens
Greek Red Cross Hospital
Technological Educational Institute Nursing
University of Cyprus
Country: Greece
Journal Type: Subscription Journal
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