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Title: Tracking control using the strip-wise affine transformation: an experimental SoC design
Authors: Moustris, George P. 
Deliparaschos, Kyriakos M. 
Tzafestas, Spyros G. 
Keywords: Digital fuzzy logic processor (DFLP)
Electronic design automation (EDA)
Non-holonomic mobile robots
Path tracking
Strip-wise affine transformation
System-on-a-chip (SoC)
Very-high-speed integrated circuits hardware description language (VHDL)
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc
Source: 10th European Control Conference, 2009, Budapest, Hungary, 23-26 August
Abstract: This paper presents the analysis and application of the strip-wise affine map to the path following task for autonomous non-holonomic mobile robots. The mapping was implemented on a Spartan 3-1500 FPGA board with the use of VHDL and advanced EDA tools and was used in field experiments on a Khepera H differential robot. A fully parameterized DFLC previously published by the author has been tailored accordingly for the needs of this design implementation. Experiments were performed using a calibrated camera and a video tracking algorithm in order to extract the actual robot's path, compare it to the odometry solution and analyze the tracker's performance
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