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Title: Poking facebook: characterization of osn applications
Authors: Gjoka, Minas 
Markopoulou, Athina 
Sirivianos, Michael 
Keywords: Online social networks
Computer science
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ACM
Source: WOSN '08 Proceedings of the first workshop on online social networks, 2008, Pages 31-36
Abstract: Facebook is one of the most popular Internet sites today. A key feature that arguably contributed to Facebook's unprecedented success is its application platform, which enables the development of third-party social-networking applications. Understanding how these applications are installed and used is important for the function and utility of web-based online social networks, e.g. to better engineer them and/or to design advertising campaigns. In this paper, we characterize the popularity and user reach of Facebook applications. We analyze application usage data gathered over a period of six months from Facebook and Adonomics - a Facebook analytics service. We also crawl publicly accessible Facebook user profiles and obtain per-user application installation statistics, for approximately 300K users and 13.6K applications. Our findings include that (i) the popularity of Facebook applications has a highly skewed distribution; (ii) although the total number of application installations increases with time, the average user activity decreases; and (iii) users with more applications installed are more likely to install new applications
ISBN: 978-1-60558-182-8
DOI: 10.1145/1397735.1397743
Rights: © ACM 2008
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